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' "quickchat"
- "prev_tray"
ALT+- "prev_tray_alt"
/ "show chat$$slashchat"
0 "powexec_slot 10"
CTRL+0 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
ALT+0 "powexec_altslot 10"
1 "powexec_slot 1"
CTRL+1 "unselect$$ team_select 1$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+1 "team_select 1"
ALT+1 "powexec_altslot 1"
2 "powexec_slot 2"
CTRL+2 "unselect$$ team_select 2$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+2 "team_select 2"
ALT+2 "powexec_altslot 2"
3 "powexec_slot 3"
CTRL+3 "unselect$$ team_select 3$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+3 "team_select 3"
ALT+3 "powexec_altslot 3"
4 "powexec_slot 4"
CTRL+4 "unselect$$ team_select 4$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+4 "team_select 4"
ALT+4 "powexec_altslot 4"
5 "powexec_slot 5"
CTRL+5 "unselect$$ team_select 5$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+5 "team_select 5"
ALT+5 "powexec_altslot 5"
6 "powexec_slot 6"
CTRL+6 "unselect$$ team_select 6$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+6 "team_select 6"
ALT+6 "powexec_altslot 6"
7 "powexec_slot 7"
CTRL+7 "unselect$$ team_select 7$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+7 "team_select 7"
ALT+7 "powexec_altslot 7"
8 "powexec_slot 8"
CTRL+8 "unselect$$ team_select 8$$tell $name, Targeting $target$ <scale 0.7> <bgcolor yellow>"
SHIFT+8 "team_select 8"
ALT+8 "powexec_altslot 8"
9 "powexec_slot 9"
CTRL+9 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
ALT+9 "powexec_altslot 9"
; "show chat$$slashchat"
\ "menu"
ALT+EQUALS "next_tray_alt"
BACKSPACE "autoreply"
COMMA "show chat$$beginchat /tell $target, "
CTRL+TAB "target_enemy_near"
DELETE "+lookdown"
END "+zoomout"
ENTER "show chat$$startchat"
EQUALS "next_tray"
ESC "unselect"
MBUTTON "+camrotate"
MOUSEWHEEL "+camdistadjust"
PAGEDOWN "camreset"
PAGEUP "+camrotate"
RALT "alttraysticky"
RBUTTON "+mouse_look"
SHIFT+TAB "target_enemy_prev"
SPACE "+up"
SYSRQ "screenshot"
TAB "target_enemy_next"
numpad0 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad1 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad2 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad3 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad4 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad5 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad6 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad7 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad8 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpad9 "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numlock "tell $name, Unmapped key"
divide "tell $name, Unmapped key"
multiply "tell $name, Unmapped key"
subtract "tell $name, Unmapped key"
add "tell $name, Unmapped key"
numpadenter "show chat$$beginchat"
F1 "say $target spotted!<bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
SHIFT+F1 "say $target is the first priority, concentrate attacks!<bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
F2 "say Pull together! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote stop"
SHIFT+F2 "say Spread out and cover the place! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote bigwave"
F3 "say Lets pull back and recover!<bgcolor yellow><color black>$$emote RaiseHand"
SHIFT+F3 "say Get going!<bgcolor yellow><color black>$$emote bigwave"
F4 "say Pull $target, back well off <bgcolor yellow>$$emote BigWave"
SHIFT+F4 "say Let's wade! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
F5 "local General attack on $target! Feel free to join in!$$local  $battlecry$$emote Attack"
F6 "say <color white><bgcolor red>RUN!"
F7 "say <color white><bgcolor green>Ready!$$emote Salute"
SHIFT+F7 "say <color black><bgcolor yellow>Are we ready?$$emote stop"
F8 "local <color white><bgcolor red><scale 1.25>HELP!$$emote whistle"
SHIFT+F8 "local <bgcolor green><color white>Need help $target?"
F9 "say Pleased to meet you $target. I am $name, a level $level $origin $archetype.$$emote fancybow"
F10 "local Thank you $target$$emote bow"
SHIFT+F10 "local $target, how about some thanks?$$emote wave"
F11 "local Wow $target, you are really into the superhero spirit!$$emote wavefist
F12 "local $target is looking good!$$emote clap"
SHIFT+F12 "local $target looks like trash!$$emote wavefist"
HOME "+zoomin"
INSERT "+lookup"
LALT "+alttray"
A "+left"
B "tell $name, Unmapped key"
C "powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly"
LSHIFT+C "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_abort"
CTRL+C "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_abort"
D "+right"
E "target_enemy_next"
SHIFT+E "target_enemy_prev"
CTRL+E "target_friend_next"
F "follow$$tell $target, Following you now."
G "+up$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Hover"
SHIFT+G "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_abort"
H "emote afk$$show chat$$beginchat /afk "
SHIFT+H "say <bgcolor yellow>One moment please. I have to set up my enhancements$$emote yoga$$manage"
I "say $name is temporarily incapacitated!<color white><bgcolor red>"
J "tell $name, Unmapped key"
K "cc 0$$cc 1"
L "tell $name, $origin $archetype-$level"
SHIFT+L "show chat$$beginchat /bind_load_file G:\Games\CoH\binds\keybinds.txt"
M "map"
N "local No <color white><bgcolor red>$$emote no"
O "emote dance"
P "say $target takes point"$$emote attack
SHIFT+P "local Relaxation party! $origin Party! $archetype Party!$$say $battlecry$$emote boombox"
Q "unselect$$toggle_enemy"
R "target_friend_next"
SHIFT+R "target_friend_nearest"
S "+backward$$autorun 0$$powexec_name Sprint"
CTRL+S "tell $name, Unmapped key"
\nosprintmove.txt$$tell $name, Shutting off auto sprint
T "autorun 1$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Fly"
SHIFT+T "autorun 0$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Sprint"
U "show chat$$beginchat $target, "
V "quickchat"
Shift+V "say Victory!$$say $battlecry$$emote victory"
W "+forward$$autorun 0$$powexec_name Sprint"
CTRL+W "autorun 0$$tell $name, Shutting off auto sprint$$bind_load_file G:\Games\CoH\binds\nosprintmove.txt"
Shift+W "autorun 1"
X "+down"
SHIFT+X "down 0$$autorun 0"
Y "local Yes<color white><bgcolor green>$$emote nod"
Z "powexec_abort"