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City of HeroesCity of Heroes logo
F1 "say $target spotted!<bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
F2 "say Remember the plan, stick together! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote stop"
F3 "say We need to stop and think this over! <bgcolor red><color white>$$emote RaiseHand"
F4 "say Pull $target, back well off <bgcolor yellow>$$emote laugh"
F5 "local In the name of Mercury, I will defeat you $target!$$local  Lets ALL do this together!$$emote wave"
F6 "say <color white><bgcolor red>RUN!"
F7 "say <color black><bgcolor green>Don't wait for me, I am ready!$$emote bow"
F9 "say Nice to m,eet you $target. I am $name, a level $level $origin $archetype.$$emote kneel"
F10 "local Thank you soo much, dear $target$$emote bow"
F11 "local Wow $target, you are really into the superhero spirit!$$emote wavefist
F12 "local $target is fabolous!$$em Blush$$emote clap"
C "powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly"
LSHIFT+C "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Sprint"
SHIFT+E "target_enemy_prev$$say scanning.... $target...<color black><bgcolor yellow><scale .75>"
F "follow$$tell $target, I am right behind you."
G "powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Hover$$++up"
SHIFT+G "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Sprint"
H "say Hurray, we made it!$$say Now I have time for some homework!$$emote afk"
CTRL+L "show chat$$beginchat /bind_load_file G:\Games\CoH\binds\mercury.txt"
M "map"
N "local No<color white><bgcolor red>$$emote We need to find a better solution."
P "say $target is best suited to take point$$emote attack"
SHIFT+P "local Maybe, just maybe, it is time to relax a bit.$$em Blush$$emote boombox"
Y "local Yes, that is a good plan!<color black><bgcolor green>$$emote nod"