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City of HeroesCity of Heroes logo
F1 "say $target, another corrupt soul to gather!<bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
F2 "say Close up, my minions! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote stop"
F3 "say Our legion is depleted - pull back and recover! <bgcolor red><color white>$$emote RaiseHand"
F4 "say I am comanding $target to come to me, back well off <bgcolor yellow>$$emote laugh"
F5 "local Death to $target! Come all, stand by the infernal legion!$battlecry$$emote Attack"
F6 "say <color white><bgcolor red>RUN!"
F7 "say <color black><bgcolor green>Terror is ready and waiting!$$emote flex1"
F9 "say Greetings little $target. I am the dark wanderer $name, a level $level $origin $archetype, terror of legions.$$emote flex2"
F10 "local $target has been of service$$emote clap"
F11 "local Wow $target, you are really into the superhero spirit!$$emote wavefist
F12 "local $target is hot enough to burn!$$emote clap"
Enter "beginchat <bgcolor #CC0000> <color white>
F "follow$$tell $target, Fire walks in your steps."
CTRL+L "show chat$$beginchat /bind_load_file G:\Games\CoH\binds\diablo.txt"
N "local The lord of terror says NO!<color white><bgcolor red>$$emote NO!"
P "say $target is the first$$emote attack"
SHIFT+P "local Rock heaven and hell!$$emote boombox"
R "emote afk$$show chat$$beginchat /afk "
Shift+V "say Terror has triumphed!!$$say $battlecry$$emote victory"
Y "local Yes, terror commands it!<color black><bgcolor green>$$emote nod"