Band of Bastards

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Band of Bastards
SS Panzer Division Das Reich symbol.png
2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich
I swear by God this sacred oath: I will render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich and people, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and will be ready as a brave soldier to risk my life at any time for this oath.

Band of Bastards is a World War II Savage Worlds campaign. The bastards are members of pioneer platoon of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich.

The campaign is set to start in June 2014.


These are the bastards, or the protagonists of the campaign.

SS-Untersturmbanführer Heinrich Wolff, O-1, Iron Cross 1st Class (posthumously). Killed in action 19 February 1943 in Russia.

SS-Oberscharführer Wolfgang Weiss, E-6, Infantry Assault Badge, Iron Cross 1st Class, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.


Third Battle of Kharkov, Ukraine, 19 February 1943 – 15 March 1943. The platoon assaults a railroad station but is forces to retreat. Unterstumführer Wolf was killed in action.

Battle of Prokhorovka, Russia, 12 July 1943. The platoon repairs a Tiger tank that is about to be destroyed by advancing T-34. Several T-34s are destroyed, and one captured.

Battle of Anzio, Italy, January 1944. A small Italian town was assaulted in order to secure a vital bridge. German force of three squads in Sdkfz 251 with the capured T-34 was commanded by Scharführer Weiss. The village was captured with minimal German losses. Several Sherman tanks were destroyed. Some members of the local police who had collaborated with the traitor were executed.

Operation Bagration, Belorussia, June 1944. A few squads of Waffen-SS veterans and raw recruits face an armored Russian assasult. The defenders were dug in and armed with newly issued StG-44s and Panzerfausts, and supported by a single PAK and a Stummel (halftrack with a low velocity 75mm gun). The Russian force consisted of a componay IS-2 heavy tanks and several companies of T-34/85 medium tanks and two machine gun companies. Most of the heavy Russian tanks broke through the line, but all T-34s were destroyed at close range. The Russian infantry was pinned down eventually retreated, while the remaining IS-2s were destroyed by german armored reinforcements.

Operation Frühlingserwachen, Hungary, January 1945. A single squads of Waffen-SS veterans in a halftrack supported by a truck with two squads of Volksdeutsche recruits performed reconnaissance ahead of the German main force. They managed to call in an artillery strike on a Russian heavy battery and recovered a tanker of much needed gasoline. This was used to refuel a Panzer V which joined the force. The Germans were forced to retreat after narrowly escaping an ambush by Russian tanks.

Operation Bernhard, Austria, April-May 1945. (TBD)


Savage Worlds Deluxe and Weird Wars II (military skills and edges, but no weird stuff). Setting rules:

  • Blood and Guts: You can spend bennies to reroll damage!
  • Your Luck Runs Out: As the war nears its end, the Germans' luck starts to run out. For each rank over seasoned, characters start with one less benny. Novice characters start with one additional bennie.

Characters start as Seasoned with 20 experience points.


This section describes awards for German infantry.

Medal Table

d20 Promotion Germany
1-12 +0 Infantry Assault Badge
13-15 +1 Iron Cross, Second Class
16-19 +2 Iron Cross, First Class
20-23 +2 German Cross
24+ +4 Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

Knight's Cross

This decoration is upgraded if awarded more than once

  1. Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  2. ... with Oak Leaves
  3. ... with Oak Leaves and Swords
  4. ... with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds
  5. ... with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds

Close Combat Clasp

The Close Combat Clasp is awarded for achievement in hand-to-hand or close combat. In game term, this means combat with the enemy at grenade range (10" or less). It is awarded in bronze for 15 battles, in silver for 25 battles, and gold for 50 battles.

Wound Badge

The Wound Badge is awarded to soldiers who have been Incapacitated in battle. It awarded in silver for a third or fourth wound, as well as for a permanent injury. Is awarded in gold for a fifth wound, total blindness, or "loss of manhood"[1].


Works recommended by the War Master:

  • Any novel by Sven Hassel
  • Any novel by Leo Kessler (Charles Whiting)
  • The Unknown Soldier (novel by Väinö Linna, also 1955 and 1985 movies)
  • Kelly's Heroes' (movie)
  • Secret Army' (TV)
  • Band of Brothers (TV)
  • The Pacific (TV)
  • Stalingrad (the 1993 German movie, not the 2013 Russian one)

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  1. ^ Double 1 on the injury table.

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