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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You are an awakened being, capable of seeing the world for what it is. You are in touch with the supernatural. Most likely, you are also insane by normal human standards.

Prerequisite: You only get this feat as part of a template.

Benefit: This feat is mostly used as a marker, and as a prerequiste for other feats. All Awakened mortals have the Latent Dreamer, Latent Old Blood, Latent Viewing, and Sensitive feats. They are also immune to the Lunacy caused by seeing a werewolf. Awakened humans are Mages, and can gain levels in the Mage classes.

All awakened beings, not just mortal mages, gets a Sanity Resistance equal to 3 + their character level.

Sleepers: The opposite of being awakened is to be a Sleeper. The sleeper is mostly unaware of the true nature of the world. Sleeper humans are very susceptible to Lunacy, and will always forget or rationalize meetings with a werewolf unless they have Second Sight.

Modern Horror

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