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Psssshhhht... (vents steam) Greetings, citizen! I am the Automaton, a sentient mechanichal hero in the service of Paragon City. My creator was Dexter Sinclair, an eccentric inventor who lived in the area now known as Kings Row at the end of the 19th century. I was designed as manservant and research assistant, a position I held until my master's demise. I was donated to the Paragon City University with the rest of my master's estate, and spent most of the last century in storage. The chaps at D.A.T.A. finally got around to repairing me and me told me I was free to go. There no longer seemed to be a need for domestic servants such as myself, and I have taken it upon me to defend my fellow sentients. Once, I was the pinnacle of mechanichal engineering, but now it appears that I am just an older model. Still, one must do one's best. (noise from pneumatics, more steam) May I offer you some tea?