Artificial Intelligence (Oscariana invention)

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An analytical engine imbued with the spark of creativity, the artificial intelligence is as much a person as you or I, even if it consists of only clockwork parts.

The machine posseses only mental attributes; Social Level, Intelligence and Charisma, each equal to the reliability. It does not really have any social standing, but manifests grace and poise appropriate to this score. It also has all related skills at this value, which makes it a masterful scientist but also a master manipulator.

It can use any devices connected to it, including a telephone or image transceiver, but does not otherwise have human senses. The default means of communication is through punchcards. It lacks all manipulatory and ambulatory power. If connected to a Mechanical Man, it can effectivley use its other attributes, but the size of the device itself means the range of action is very limited.

Weights ten tons and requires two points of power to operate.