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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe your magical powers are granted by spirits — of nature, of animals, or even of the dead. The classic example of this tradition are the Native American tribes.

Benefit: All magical skills are class skills to you. Because of your powers are broad but not deep, you suffer a –2 penalty to all spellcasting checks when using this tradition.

Once a day you can petition a spirit to favor you. Choose one magical skill and make a Persuasion check (DC 20). If you succeed, for one hour you can cast spells as if you had 2 more ranks of that magical skill than you actually have. Thus you can cast spells even if you normally have no ranks of that magical skill. The game master may of course rule that no appropriate spirits are present in particularly non-magical locations, but even cities and deserts have their own odd spirits.

Rituals: An ancestor or spirit must be petitioned (Persuasion DC 5 + ½ spell level), which requires one minute. This can be rushed as a full-round action, though with a –10 penalty.

Mishaps: The spirits are angered, and you cannot use the Animism tradition to cast the magical skill you were trying to cast until you appease the spirits. You must make an offering (Purchase DC 2) and spend one hour apologizing to regain access to the magic.

Modern Horror

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