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This is a small, informal Anime viewing group. Animeglutt is Swedish and can be translated as "anime watch".

Currently watching

Series Seen Comments
Coyote Ragtime 6(*) of Space rogues on treasure hunt
Death Note 20(*) of  ? The notebook of a death-god is found by an intelligent youth
Ghost Hunt 19 of  ? Paranormal investigators.
Kamichu 5 of 17 Schoolgirl becomes a God. But what kind?
Pumpkin Scissors 8 of  ? Small group of soldiers tries to clean up after huge war.
Simoun 7 of Magical aircraft that only can be controlled by female pilots
Utawareru mono 3 of Man wakes up without memory in village with animal people
Last Exile 16 of 26 Steampunk airships.
Crescent Love 2 of Moon Princess on diplomatic mission to Earth
S-Strain 11 of Mecha War
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 10 of Magic School
Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas 9 of
Rocket Girls 4 of

In Reserve

Series Seen Comments
Crest of the stars 2 of 13 Boy has to serve in the Space Elves' Navy. Superb.
Kyo kara maou 6 of  ?? Boy gets flushed to magic world to become king of the demons
UFO Princess Valküre II 1 of 12 More magical girls and cat girl maids in bath house


Series Seen Comments
Amanaide yo 1 of Shintoistic ecchi harem comedy
Beck 2 of Band with Frankenstein Dog
Glass no kantai 1 of Aristocrats and revolutionaries with Ether space ships
Haruka naru toki no naka de 1 of ?? Girl transported to Fantasy world, get dragon priestess powers
Infinite Ryvius 3 of 26 Spaceship with kadettes adrift in space rift.
Irya no sora, UFO no natsu 1 of 6
Koi Koi 7 1 of Superpowered harem comedy
Magikano 2 of 12 Witch wants the dormant powers of a boy surrounded by other witches in hiding.
Peto-peto-san 1 of ?? Half-monster with sticking power goes to school
Ruronin kenshin 1 of 95 Samurai with reverse-edge blade
Scientific Boys' Club 1 of 2 Old men renew ideals of youth
Tonde Buurin 1 of 51 Magical Girl with pig twist
Touch 1 of 101 Baseball and neighbours
Tsumomomomomomo 1 of Very politically incorrect martial arts marriage mayhem.
Witch Hunter Robin 2 of 26 Goth girl hunting witches

Currently abandoned

Series Seen Comments
Ashita no Nadja 4 of 52 19th century orphan.
Avenger 6 of 13 Gladiator barbarians and child robots on Mars
Bleach 4 of  ? Boy becomes Angel of Death
Disgaia 4 of Demon Prince tries to reclaim throne
Full Moon o sagashite 3 of 52 Girl with cancer wants to be a singer.
Izumo - Takeki Ken no Senki 3 of 13 Group of students transported to other world.
Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl 3 of 12 Ufo:s and gender changes
Snow Queen 2 of  ?? H C Andersen tale
Stratos 4 3 of 12 Comet hunters.
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase  ?? of 25 Vampire girl with cat-ear hairband lives with ghost-hunters.


Series Seen Comments
Air 13 of 13 Guy with dancing doll meets strange girls in a mostly empty city.
Asatte no Houkou 12 of  ? Woman and child trades ages
He is My Master (Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama) 12 of 12 Girls with crocodile are employed by ecchi cosplay fanatic.
Hikaru no Go 75 of 75 Go
Mai Hime 26 of 26 Precursor to Mai Otome
Mai Otome 26 of 26 Non-continuation of Mai Hime
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 14 of 14 Girl with no interest in ordinary humans
Noir 26 of 26 Assassins
Ouran koukou Host Club 26 of 26 Girl-as-boy entertains at academy for the rich
Rozen Maiden 12 of 12 Cute dolls
Rozen Maiden Traumend 12 of 12 Competing dolls
Rozen Maiden 2 of 2 3rd series
UFO Princess Valküre 12 of 12 Magical girls and cat girl maids in bath house