All-Out Attack

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By ignoring defense in favor of accuracy, you increase the precision of your attacks.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: Subtract a number up to 5 from your defense and add the same number to your attack roll. You cannot lower your defense below 10 nor more than double your attack bonus. Unlike similar feats, such as Power Attack, this feat can be used with melee or ranged attacks.

Special: Because All-out Attack lowers Defense to raise your attack bonus, and the Combat Expertise feats lowers your attack bonus to raise Defense, you cannot rationally benefit from both feats at the same time. Therefore, any feat that requires you to be enjoying the benefit of All-out Attack in some capacity cannot be used at the same time as a feat requiring you to have the benefit of Combat Expertise. The two techniques are simply not compatible.

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