Zelkarunes Horns

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Organizers of public festivities, arena games, and mercenary contracts, the horns are very popular.

Classes: Zelkarunes Horns favor fighters and barbarians, tough both clerics and rangers have important if secondary roles. They sponsor the beastmaster and can arrange training in the exotic weapon master, invisible blade, and tempest prestige classes.

Type: Fighting company.

Scale: 6 (City)

Capital: 10 (gp limit 11,200, assets 112,000 gp)


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Work 2
Arena fame rating +1/2
Works in a business that sells appropriate services or gear to members at 3/4 price (see benefits)† +2
Can cast Fake Fighting and officiates in the arena at least 1 day/week +1
Inherent 2
Is a monstrous humanoid +1
Is not a humanoid or monstrous humanoid +2
Acquired 4
Has the Arena Blood feat +1
Handle Animal five ranks or more +1
Handle Animal ten ranks or more +1
Craft (Armorer) five ranks or more +1
Craft (Armorer) ten ranks or more +1
Adventure 3
Donate a trophy from a non-humanoid foe to arena (must be relative CR +2 or more) +1, max 1/month
Recover a live monster suitable for the arena (relative CR -2 or more) +2, max 1/month
Gather fame for the mercenary branch +1
Otherwise increase the prestige of the 'Horns +1
Penalty 2
Behave dishonorably as a mercenary -2
Not appear in arena for 3 consecutive months -2


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Fan: May watch games and fight in open arena events.
4-10 Pit Boy/Girl: Member of the mercenary company and may fight in the arena. Purchase divine spell services and trained animals/monsters at 3/4 price.
11-20 Scrapper: Purchase nonmagical gear and weapons at 3/4 price, excluding items made from special materials. +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks in Sasserine.
21-29 Gladiator: Purchase magic weapons and armor for 3/4 price. Draw a monthly income of 200 gp as long as you fight in the arena.
30 or higher Arena Champion: Once per month you may take one of the caged monsters (CR = affiliation Score /2 or less) with you on an expedition for one week. The DM decided if a beast is available. These trained beasts obey basic signals and can be ordered to follow, stay, attack a target, or guard an area.

Executive powers: Holiday, Plunder, Raid.