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Xan Yae is the lady of perfection, an ascended mortal sponsored by Istus. Psychics and monks use her as a model in their meditations.

Xan Yae is the Common pantheon patron of monks not of the Scarlet Brotherhood. She is seen as a perfectionist and a harsh teacher. Her cult is very small and elite.

The Baklunish honor Xan Yae as the gentle goddess of moderation and balance who seeks to avoid extremes, teaching that happiness is found inside once balance is achieved. Mystic power flows naturally from this balance. She is also the Baklunish psychopomp goddess.

Xan Yae (zan YAY) is a Baklunish goddess with some measure of popularity in the Flanaess. She has temples scattered in hidden places across the land. Having little patience for petty divine rivalries, she has only a few like-minded allies but places herself in opposition to Pyremius and Pholtus, whose lights destroy her beloved shadows. She appears to be Baklunish, of any age or sex but always slender and graceful, wielding a pair of magic scimitars that can shrink to the size of table knives.

Reality depends upon three metaphysical ideals: the Universal Mind (the universe and all things in it exist because the mind created them and maintain them), the Perpetual Harmony (life is balanced, symmetry is in all things, achieving a similar state puts one in harmony with nature), and Internal Peace (martial and mental activities must be mastered to attain a higher level of existence). Flamboyance and wasted energy have no place in the Lady's realm. The extremes of evil and good must be sought out and tempered with harmony to maintain balance.

Xan Yae's clerics are agents of harmony and discipline. They seek out radical factions, alignments, and politics and bend them toward balance. They train others in the simple arts of war, hone the minds of those open to mental challenges, scour the world to find evidence of the Universal Mind, and seek gurus of advanced physical and mental abilities for knowledge of self-elevation. They are not passive beings, but actively seek change to ensure the stability of the universe. Their prayer time is at dusk.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Weapon: Scimitar.

Symbol: Black lotus blossom.

Pathfinder Domains

Darkness (Night), Knowledge (Memory), Protection, Trickery (Deception), War (Tactics).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Make a series of exercises of limberness and balance. Escalate these exercises to the point of failure. Then don a blindfold and repeat the same exercises again, comparing the two results. Contemplate the result of acting in light and darkness, and act accordingly during your day.


  1. Nullity (Sp) keen senses 3/day, darkness (this never lowers the light intensity to less than dim light, and in darkness or total darkness it increases the light level by one level) 2/day, or debilitating portent (aura is grey) 1/day
  2. Still Perfection (Sp) You are immune to the flatfooted and helpless conditions. Even when paralyzed or otherwise incapacitated, you retain your normal Armor Class. Invisible creatures gain no advantage against you.
  3. Shadow Balance (Su) Your form grows shadowed and indistinct. You gain a +6 sacred bonus on Stealth checks. In any condition of illumination other than full daylight you gain concealment, physical attacks against you have a 20% miss chance.

Action Domains

Life, Light, Mind, Order, Spiritual.