Unification Church (Dragonstar)

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A collection of twelve gods, of which all the myriad gods of the galaxy are only aspects (according to church doctrine). The Church Initiation benefits of these churches are all quite similar.


Name Alignment Domains Holy Symbol Sacred Weapon

The Destroyer

Chaotic Evil Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death, War A black, five-pointed star Morningstar

The Father

Lawful Good Good, Healing, Law, Sun*, War A golden sun Mace

The Judge

Lawful Good Good, Destruction, Knowlege, Law, Protection A balanced scale Hammer

The Lover

Neutral Good Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Water A white dove Dagger

The Magus

Neutral Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection, Trickery An open eye Quarterstaff

The Merchant

Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Law, Luck, Travel, Trickery A gold coin Shortspear

The Mother

Chaotic Good Animal, Good, Earth, Protection, Plant A crescent moon Sickle

The Reaper

Lawful Evil Death, Earth, Evil, Law, Trickery A humanoid skull Scythe

The Stormlord

Chaotic Neutral Air, Chaos, Destruction, Travel, Water A silver trident Trident

The Smith

Neutral Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Technology* An anvil Warhammer

The Trickster

Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Trickery A fool's scepter Short Sword

The Warrior

Lawful Neutral Law, Luck, Magic, Strength, War A greatsword Greatsword

* The Smith has the Technology Domain instead of the Water domain. The Father has Sun rather than Knowledge (according to FFG errata).

All these gods have separate churches, but there is a movement towards ecumenism as well, so there are temples jointly devoted to the whole Unification Church pantheon as well as many Hybrid Faiths that are more or less tolerated. Some temples are actually devoted to the pantheon as a whole, administrated by the Great Unification Church.

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