Twin Lights

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An informal guild of performers and entertainers with a covert agenda of fighting oppression and the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Symbol: Lights, at least two, held in each hand or by many different people. Holding a light aloft, greeted by the same gesture, is a symbol of freedom among performers and slaves alike. This is used as part of other emblems or as a signal. Carrying a light in each hand is wasteful for a slave and a sign of defiance, but at the same time it happens enough by accident that it cannot serve to identify members.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Twin Lights want to spread joy and exterminate slavery and oppression of the human spirit; some members want to end all servitude and incarceration. They work through building hope, joy, and the strength among common people.

Enemies and Allies: With a secret agenda, the Twin Lights has few official allies, tough it shares its ideals with many good and chaotic organizations, especially chaotic good churches and resistance movements. The main enemy of the Twin Lights are the Scarlet Brotherhood, but they also fight other slavers such as the Sea Princes, Yellow Sails and Crimson Corsairs as well as corrupt and oppressive employers everywhere. Some members are such fervent revolutionaries that they consider all governments their enemies.

Secrets: The true goals of the society is shrouded in secrecy; not all members know of the revolutionary agenda. To most people it is merely a lose guild of entertainers.

Classes: Bards, monks, and rogues are favored, tough all classes are welcome.

Type: Spy Ring

Scale: 14, Wholly Bay and Azure Sea area.

Capital: 4. Gp limit 6,600. Assets 92,400

Affiliation Score Criteria:


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 levels
Acquired 4
Slave or former slave +1
5 or more ranks in Perform +1
10 or more ranks in Perform +1
5 or more ranks in Bluff and Disguise +1
5 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
Work 2
Lives on the road +1
Works to entertain and spread joy +1
Adventure 4
Free prisoners, slaves or the oppressed +1
Free a group of prisoners, slaves or the oppressed +2
Smuggle freed slaves, or prevent people from being oppressed +2
Spread the word of the Twin Lights among the oppressed +1
Fight the Scarlet Brotherhood +1
Spread hope and joy +1
Penalties 3
Oppress or unjustly incarcerate others -2
Deal in slaves -4

Titles, Benefits, and Duties

As you progress in the lodge, you become more and more famous as a keeper of the peace and doer of good deeds.

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Mote: The Twin Lights tries to keep in touch and carry messages for you.
4-10 Spark: A +2 affiliation bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform checks among slaves, entertainers, and patrons.
11-20 Light: A +2 affiliation bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform checks.
21-29 Beacon: Message of Freedom: use either break enchantment or freedom of movement as a spell-like ability once per day. Requires a one-minute performance, and the caster level is your skill bonus in the performance skill used.
30 or higher Flare: Aura of freedom: when you use your Message of Freedom ability, you can opt to affect yourself and all allies within 30 ft.

Executive Powers: Research, Shadow War