Technomagical Link (Dragonstar)

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You can create a technomagical link between yourself and a number of voluntary targets.

Prerequisites: Technical Proficiency, Caster level 3+

Benefit: A Technomagical Link takes a standard action to establish. This can be done over a real-time communication link, as long as the time delay is no more than one second. This means that there is a theoretical range limit of 100.000 miles, but in practice communication system delays cuts this down to 10.000 miles or even less on planets with extensive loads on their communications networks.

The link will go down if the real-time communication is lost, or if either party wills it to. You must spend at least one standard action every ten minutes to keep it alive. You can maintain a number of technomagical links at one time equal to your Concentration skill bonus.

With a Technomagical Link, any you spell you cast can affect one of the targets you are linked to; treat that target as "you" for the purpose of spells. If several targets are linked to you simultaneously, you can choose to several of them with the same spell, but this increases the power of the spell slot required considerably.

Technomagical Link spells can only target liked creatures. Any additional targets are lost. Area spells cast through a technomagical link center on the linked creature, but can affect others within the area as well.

A Technomagical Link spell uses up a spell slot of one level higher than normal for every person that the spell is to affect. So, if you choose to cast a spell on two linked creatures, the spell will require a spell slot two levels higher than normal.

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