Technomagical Extension (Dragonstar)

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Prerequisites: Technological Proficiency, Caster level 5

Benefits: Technology is untiring, and by affixing a magical spell to a technomagical focus, you can draw upon the focus to extend the duration of a spell. Such a technological foci has Hardness 10 and 1 hit point. This does not work on spells with instantaneous durations. Spells that discharge still end when they have done so.

Minimum Original Duration Enhanced Duration
1 round 1 round/level
1 minute or 1 round/level 1 minute/level
10 minutes or 1 minute/level 10 minutes/level
1 hour or 10 minutes/level 1 hour/level

A Technomagical Extension spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than normal. Each spell cast this way must be locked to an individual Technomagcal Extension Lock, which costs cr 10 and must remain with the spell - but can be recovered and reused alter on. These items are about as large as a coin and have a Hardness of 10 and 1 hit point.

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