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Immediate Counterspelling

This rule is no longer i in use; it had to drastic effects on enemy spellcasters.

All spellcasters can counterspell as an immediate action. Once per round, you can counterspell an opponent's spell even if you have not readied an action to do so. This counterspell action up an immediate action. You can't use this when flat-footed or otherwise denied your dexterity bonus to AC.

If using the Reactive Counterspell feat (Player's Guide to Faerün, p 42), characters with this feat can counterspell as a free action, but each individual counterspell still uses up a spell slot.

Balance: this weakens spellcasters, in that their spells can be countered. It also strengthens spellcasters, expanding their role into a defensive one, but more so for divine spellcasters.

Magical Buffing

This section is not in use, just stored here

Recharge magic has made buffs very powerful: here are some remedies.

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Feat Skill Buffs

Feat bonuses to skills are increased by 50%, rounded up.

+2 becomes +3
+3 becomes +5
+4 becomes +6

Magic Skill Buffs

Magic skill bonuses are reduced to 50%, rounded up.

+1 becomes +1
+2 becomes +1
+3 becomes +2
+5 becomes +3
+10 becomes +5

Magic Buff Benchmarks

A benchmark for skill buffs from magic has been requested. Examining existing spells, it seems the limit on skill enhancement is +10 regardless of spell level, and that one skill per spell level can be so enhanced. The selection of which skills can be enhanced is very limited. Druids and Rangers are the best at skill enhancement. Other classes seem fairly restricted in what skills they can buff. No existing spell affects the meta-magic skills, like Concentration or Spellcraft.