Spiritual Origin (Action)

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Spiritual powers are based on the relationship between the community and spirits, deities, or philosophical ideals. It draws its power from the united minds of a group sharing the same ideals. This form is about metapowers of spiritual power; the powers here deal with how to change spiritual powers and are used to make generic powers more spiritual in nature.

Alternate Names: Divine Magic, Faith, Spirit Magic.


Creature : No specific creatures, general powers of warding
Skill : Impress
Attribute : Mind
Sense : Visions
Mood : Inspiring, Pious, Devout
Blast: Spiritual

Spiritual Cantrips

Basic Action

You can project an air spirituality, making it obvious to others that you are a spiritual person. This does not insure a positive reaction, and might have the opposite effect on enemies of your brand of spirituality. You can detect those who share your faith and ideals, but this can be faked by a good charlatan. You can sense the presence of Principles and Creatures relevant to the Forms you know.