Spire of Sasserine

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The church of Wee Jas in Sasserine has always had ambitions of ruling the city.

Symbol: A stylized replica of the gave of Sasserine; a crystal obelisk. Clerical members often incorporate this into their holy symbol, making it a pierced skull.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: Sasserine was a priestess of We Jas and the founder of the City of Sasserine. Originally a leader among the Suel humans fleeing Oerdian invaders after the fall of their homeland, Sasserine found a safe spot for her people at the mouth of the Thunder River and established the city. Though rule passed from her to her lover upon death, the church of We Jas has always been influential in Sasserine. As the situation is now, The Spire seeks to increase the power and prestige of the nobility and make the government of the city stronger and more conservative.

Enemies and Allies: The Spire of Sasserine used to be more dominant in the city of Sasserine than it is now, and is disdainful of the Dawn Council, which it perceives as an upstart organization. The relationship is worsened further by the Spire's openness towards the Scarlet Brotherhood. Still, many in the spire are also members of the Dawn Council, so the affiliation is by no means united in opposition.

Secrets: The Spire of Sasserine has pro-Suel leanings, and the leadership considered opening the city to the Scarlet Brotherhood, but has always found quiet opposition to be the better approach. If the affiliation grows it will seek to change into a government and take over the city of Sasserine, creating a monarchy or theocracy.

Type: Temple.

Classes: Favors Priests. Sponsors the Sacred Exorcist prestige class.

Scale: 10 (regional). The Spire of Sasserine has spread from Sasserine to Cauldron and some of the Suel settlements of the south. It is a bastion for those who want to be Suel yet not a part of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Capital: 7 (GP limit 16,000) The church has suffered several setbacks recently, especially the daughter church in Cauldron. This makes the church temporarily weak, and in need of keeping cordial relationships.

Affiliation Score Criteria: The church values discipline, magic, and nobility. Good things come to those who work patiently. Yet each of us has a time of youth and beauty, and should spend that time well before death makes room for the next generation.


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Effective character level. +1/2 levels
Inherent 2
Noble birth +1
Acquired 5
Diplomacy 5 ranks +1
Perform (oratory), Craft (alchemy or scribe), or Knowledge (religion, history, or the planes) 5 ranks +1
Diplomacy or Perform (oratory) 10 ranks +1
Ability to cast hold person +1
Work 3
Create magic item of at least 15,000 gp value (max 4/year) +1
Donates one day/week to tending the church and graveyard +1
Holds a position in the city administration or government +1
Adventure 3
Improve the station of the church by proving loyal and capable in service to Sasserine +1
Endure trials and hardship under the orders of a superior +1
Increase the Capital of the affiliation +2
Penalties 2
Does not follow a direct order from a superior in the church -1
Does not attend services at least once a month -1
Is caught breaking a law or custom -1
Is convicted of an offense -4
Is convicted of treason -10
Causes a scandal -2
Is chaotic -4

Titles, Benefits, and Duties

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Lay Member: Attend services and purchase clerical spells at normal price.
4-10 Initiate: Detect magic 1/day as a cleric of half your level or your regular caster level, whichever is higher.
11-20 Glove of Sasserine: Rebuke undead once per day as a cleric of half your level. Clerics get one additional turning attempt per day per five points of affiliation rating.
21-29 Gown of Sasserine: Sanctuary as a supernatural ability at will. Save DC 10 +1/2 level + Cha bonus.
30 or higher Crown of Sasserine: +2 Sacred bonus to Charisma.

Executive Powers: