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Bard Spell List

0 Level

Add faerie fire.

1st Level

Add cloak of dark power, command.

2nd Level

Add swift haste.

Cleric Spell list

5th level

Remove divine agility.

7th level

Remove brain spider.

Druid Spell List

0 Level

Add cloak of dark power.

1st Level

Add spider climb.

1st Level

Remove spider climb.

4th level

Remove arc of lightning

6th level

Add arc of lightning

Ranger Spell List

1st Level

Add cloak of dark power, make whole.


Level 0

Add know direction.

Level 1

Add cloak of dark power, command, deamonflesh, deathwatch, faerie fire, hide from undead, magic fang, produce flame, snowshoes.

Level 2

Add demoncall, gembomb, make whole, lesser spell immunity, mass showshoes, searing light, silence, sound burst, spider climb, touch of madness, water walk.

Level 3

Add bottle of smoke, calm emotions, greater magic fang, poison, protection from negative energy, protection from positive energy, shield of faith, status, zone of truth.

Subtract spider climb.

Level 4

Add animate object, cometfall, giant vermin, meld into stone, rejection, sculpt sound, speak with dead, spell immunity.

Level 5

Add darkbolt, fantastic machine, greater command, insect plague, magic vestment, quench, rusting grasp.

Level 6

Add armor of darkness, control winds, mark of justice, modify memory, spell resistance, word of recall, zone of silence.

Level 7

Add blade barrier, brain spider, scourge, slime wave, spellstaff, true creation.

Level 8

Add fire storm, greater fantastic machine, greater spell immunity, implosion, maddening scream, true domination.

Level 9

Add monstrous thrall.

Domain Spell Lists

Celerity Domain

5th level: replace transport via plants with divine agility.

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