Sorcerer Wizard (Dragonstar)

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Spell Name Level Notes

Arcane Tools

Brd-1, Sor/Wiz-1 Replaces mundane tools

Energy Flux

Sor/Wiz-2 Changes energy type of energy weapon

Confuse Construct

Brd-2, Sor/Wiz-3 Confuses one construct

Meld With Construct

Sor/Wiz-5 Possess one construct

Dominate Machine

Brd-6, Sor/Wiz-7 Dominates one construct

This is a list of the expanded spell list for Sorcerers and Wizards from the Spell Guide.

Robotic Familiars

Imperial wizards and sorcerers can now take Tiny robots as familiars. See Robotic Familiars.

Imperial Sorcerer | Imperial Wizard