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This is a Bogeyman subclass.

Oozing under doors and moving through drains, the mother keeps watch over her human children. Children who she can never allow to see her, but she can still watch over them as they sleep.

Having lost your form and solidity through foul means, you are now liquefied, an amorph creature just barely able to resume your former outline and voice, but not your former visage.

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You are no longer a Humanoid, instead gaining the Ooze creature type. Your natural form is a blob of semi-transparent goo. You can assume your former form with some effort, but not your former color or texture. Cloaking yourself, you can pass as a humanoid as long as none of your body is showing. You can also assume the rough form of other beasts and humanoids. A creature that cannot see you clearly might assume your semi-transparent form is a ghost or elemental.

You can carry and use most items, suspending them within your fluid form, but your lack of solid body and a firm grip means you cannot use weapons, spell foci, or armor.

Ooze Traits

As a slime you share certain traits common to oozes.

  • Acid Attack: Your Dark Strike inflicts acid damage. You channel acid to your surface to do this, your skin does not corrode materials you touch unless you make a deliberate attack.
  • Amorphous: You can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing.
  • Engulf: When you make a successful Strength (Athletics) check to grapple, you can also inflict Dark Strike damage.


Starting at 7th level, you can spread yourself so thin over an area that you become transparent and almost invisible. You can take an action to use Dexterity (Stealth) to hide, even if you have nothing to hide behind. While you are using this ability, both allies and enemies can move through your space without counting it as difficult ground. The ability ends if you attack or otherwise attract attention to yourself.

Bouncy Blob

At 6th level you gain resistance to acid, bludgeoning, force, and poison damage.


Beginning at 7th level, when you take force, lightning, piercing, slashing, or thunder damage, a part of you splits off. This is not a separate creature and remains in your space, but you can use the separated part to take an additional Dark Strike attack when you take the Attack action. You can have a maximum number of attacks equal to your proficiency bonus, this includes the attack you normally have and the Extra Attack feature.

If you do not take any damage for 1 minute or when you have full Hit Points these additional parts merge with you and you lose the additional attacks.


Beginning at 11th level, as long as you are not dying, you heal a number of Hit Points equal to your Proficiency Bonus at the start of your turn.

Flexible Growth

At 15th level you expand and gain considerable reach and power. You are considered a Large creature for all purposes, except that your space does not increase. You gain a natural reach of 10 feet. You cannot serve as a mount.

Perfectly Mutable

When you reach 20th level, you can assume any shape, texture, and coloration you wish. This gives a number of benefits.

  • As an action, you can use Charisma (Deception) to disguise yourself as any creature from Small to Large in size. This allows you to resume your humanoid role in society if you wish.
  • You can use your Liquefy feature to take the Hide combat action as a bonus action, seemingly disappearing into thin air.
  • You can take an action to change the choices you made for the Supernatural Movement feature, giving you any three picks from those listed for that ability. This change is permanent, until you use this ability again.