Single-Action Initiative (Action)

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An alternate initiative system where each character can only take a single action each round. Hopefully this would speed up play, but it would also add many more rounds and Initiative rolls.

There may be some Trigger Actions and/or Stances that allow you to take a Basic Action early in the round, on a higher Initiative than you rolled. These would have to be removed or rewritten.

Basic Initiative

Initiative is rolled normally. Creatures act in reverse initiative order, with villains winning ties. When your initiative comes up, you can perform a single Basic Action or if you are focused, a Limit Break.

Trigger Actions

A character can perform a Trigger Action at any time. If you have not acted yet this round, this consumes your action. Once you have taken your action, either to perform an early Trigger Action or because your turn came up, you can perform any number of Trigger Actions.


Stances work normally, you can activate Stances after Initiative is rolled but before any actions are taken, reducing your Shot Count (which needs a new name under these rules as there are no longer any Shots). You cannot activate Stances during a turn, only at the start.

Focus and Limit Breaks

Focus works normally. When your turn comes up and you are focused, you can do a Limit Break instead of a Basic Action. This ought to make the conditional ways to Focus, that do not cost actions, more attractive. Which is a good thing. Optionally, heroes cannot do a Limit Break n the first round of a combat, to simulate the difference between how heroes and villains do limit breaks in the normal initiative rules.

Inherent Abilities

Inherent Abilities work normally.