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This is a Fusilier style for 5A.

A sharpshooter gets every ounce of power and precision out of their gun, reaching further with unmatched precision. Relying on range as a defense, a sharpshooter can quickly retreat if directly threatened.

Greyhawk The concept of a sniper or sharpshooter in a military context has not yet emerged, sharpshooters are adventurers or hunters rather than soldiers.

Source: Original.

Subclass Features

Eagle Eye

At 3rd level when you choose this style, you learn the Perception skill. If you already know Perception, you learn Deception, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, Stealth, or Survival instead.

You can use a bonus action to take the Search action.


When an enemy you can see moves to a spot within 20 feet of you, you can spend a reaction to move your speed. This movement can trigger attacks of opportunity.

Aimed Shot

At 6th level, you can spend a bonus action to double the range of any firearm you are wielding until the end of your current turn. At level 10, you instead triple the range. At level 15, you quadruple the range This does not work with a bomb or grenade.

Sniper Shot

At 10th level, if you have used Eagle Eye or Aimed Shot earlier on your turn, you can use the Hide combat action without having to spend any action to do so. If the closest enemy is 60 feet or more away from you, you have advantage on the Dexterity (Stealth) check to hide.

Precise Shot

At 15th level, when you have used Eagle Eye or Aimed Shot earlier on your current turn and attack with a firearm, you ignore any half cover and three-quarters cover your target may have.