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This is an original Wizard subclass for 5A.

An iron wizard is a wizard that wears armor. Learning to properly perform somatic components and overcoming the anti-magic properties of metal armor requires discipline and training, training, training.

Greyhawk Practiced in monastery-like magical academies in the Abor-Alz and other border regions. Other wizards develop these skills on their own. Respected by warriors, most wizards look down on their iron brethren.

Subclass features

Armor Training

At 2nd level when you join this college, you gain proficiency with simple weapons, light armor, and medium armor.

Heavy Armor

Beginning at 6th level, you gain proficiency with heavy armor.

Martial Training

At 10th level, you gain proficiency with shields and martial weapons.

Armored Concentration

At 14th level, while wearing medium or heavy armor, you have advantage on Constitution saves that are concentration checks you have to take from taking damage.

Designer's Notes

This is based on the rule of casting spells in armor by treeantmonk in a video, see external link below. Basically, this is the price you pay to cast spells in armor. Still, I like the clean simplicity of 5E casting in armor rulers, so this is not really something we need at this point.

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Designer's Notes