Scarlet Brotherhood

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Seeing themselves as the Suel Empire reborn, the Scarlet Brotherhood espouses fanatic discipline and deceptive manipulation as the road to a new golden age.

Class Notes: The Scarlet Brotherhood favors monks and to a lesser degree rogues. They teach the Magic Ninja core class and sponsor the Assassin prestige class.

Type: Government (racial)

Scale: 16 (multicontinental/empire)

Capital: 16. Gp limit 154,000. Assets 2,464,000 gp.

Executive powers: Assassinate, Harvest, Shadow War, Terrorize.


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 levels
Inherent 2
Halfblood Suel +1
* Purebred Suel +2
Acquired 3
Has the evasion class ability +1
Has the improved evasion class ability +1
Has the still mind class ability +1
Is lawful +1
Work 3
Makes continual reports to superiors +1
Able to provide sensitive information to superiors +1
Uses influence beneficial to the brotherhood in daily job +1
Carries messages and does small errands for brotherhood +1
Adventure 3
Fulfills assigned objective +1
Infiltrates another affiliation +1
Establishes new safe house in a useful spot +1
* Establishes new enclave +2
Assassinates known enemy of the brotherhood (relative CR -2 or better) +1
* Assassinates known enemy of the brotherhood (relative CR +2 or better) +2
Converts person of note to brotherhood agenda +2
Recovers lost artifact of the Suel +2
Penalties 0
Is chaotic -2
Is good -2
Fails to obey order or report significant intelligence (each incident) -2
Is responsible for the death of a gang of cousins (see below) -4
Divulges order secrets -6


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Subcitizen: no benefits. If a former agent ever falls to his rank, an assassin is dispatched to "execute justice".
4-10 Citizen: You are considered a citizen of the Suel empire. Non-Suel will be adopted into a Suel family at this rank. With the recitation of several lines of doctrine, you must be given safe harbor in any Brotherhood safehouse or enclave. In a settlement with a brotherhood enclave, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Gather Information. +1 leadership score for reputation.
11-20 Agent: You may call, with a day's notice, a gang of four cousins (4th level human rogues) up to three times per year or any number of times when on brotherhood missions. The cousins serve loyally, even throwing their lives away. +2 leadership score for reputation.
21-29 Elder: Claim audience with the leader of the Suel empire once month after 1d6 days of waiting. Gain 4 cousins as cohorts; these may now advance in level in your service but never attain a level higher than 4 below yours. +4 leadership score for reputation.
30 or higher Father of Obedience: You receive a permanent honor guard of 4 8-th level monks as honor guard: these serve you as full cohorts and may advance in level in your service. +6 leadership score for reputation.

Jenniki's Standing.

As a purebred Suel and scion of a suel monk family, trained in the secret arts as a child, the Scarlet Brotherhood expects Jennikki to be a faithful member, even if she has so far shown little inclination in that direction.

Critereon Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 levels
Purebred Suel +2
Is chaotic -2
Is good -2