Savage Tide regional feats

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Regional feats from the city of Sasserine; someof these have been modified/clarified from those in the Player's Guide to the Savage Tide.

Feat Summary District
Arena Blood Bonus when fighting in front of an audience Champion
Steadfast Loyalty +2 Will saves, +1 Leadership Champion, Cudgel, Sunrise
Academy Graduate Extra class skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Local, Nobility & Royalty), and Perform (Oratory). Noble
Child of Shadow Black market access, confined fighting Shadowshore
Knack for Magic +2 Spellcraft, detect magic, light, and prestidigitation 1/day Noble
Merchant's Tounge +2 Appraise, sell for 5% more. Merchant
Sail Monkey +2 Balance, Climb, Jump. Grab a line to swing as a free action. Azure
Student of Nature +2 Animal Empathy, Handle Animal, Knowledge (Nature), Survival. Sunrise
Suspicious Eye +2 Spot, Sense Motive. Harder to pick your pockets. Cudgel, Shadowshore
Water Rat Swim better and faster Merchant, Azure, Shadowshore