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Greyhawk for 4E

Satyrs are wild and playful fey with the lower bodies of goats and humanoid upper bodies.

Average Height: 4'8"-6'
Average Weight: 120-180 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Cha, +2 Dex or +2 Con
Size: Medium
Speed: 6
Vision: low-light vision

Languages: Elven, Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Nature
Fey Origin: Your are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Satyr weapon training: You are proficient with the shortbow. You can use any feat or power that can be used with the sling with the shortbow.
Nimble Hooves: You have the nimble hooves racial power.

Play a satyr if you want to:

  • Play a carefree, fun-loving and lustful sort.
  • Be agile and able to move around anywhere
  • Play a race that favors the rogue, bard and sorcerer classes.
Nimble Hooves Satyr Racial Power
Your clever hooves lets you make surprisingly agile moves.
Minor Action      Personal
You shift 3 squares

Physical Qualities

Satyrs are humanoid with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a human.

Their heads bear plentiful, curly hair and ram's or goat's horns. The horns are highly variable in size and utility; some satyrs can use them as weapons. Ears are slightly pointed but not elongated. A few satyrs have animal ears, typically those of a goat, tough other animal ears rarely occur. The humanoid torso of a satyr is very human-like, satyrs can easily disguise themselves as humans if they cover their legs, horns, and ears.

Male satyrs tend towards larger horns and often sport curly sideburns or a goatee. Their body hair sometimes makes the transition from man-torso to goat-abdomen blurred. Females often hide their smaller horns in their profuse head hair.

Satyrs wear jewelry if they have it, garlands of flowers otherwise, but never heavy clothes. Typical dress is a pelt, vest, jacket, sash, or cravat. Females sometimes wear long skirts or dresses that conceal their legs, and both genders can don robes and hoods as a disguise. Satyrs don't wear shoes, and any magical shoes the put on transform into leggings.

Satyrs have lifespans comparable to humans.

Playing a Satyr

Satyrs are hedonistic and wild, living for the moment and in the main refusing social restrictions and barriers. They enjoy brawling, wine, dancing, music, and flirting above all else. Female satyrs are sometimes called meneads, and prefer to provoke others into fighting rather than to fight themselves. Satyr heroes are rare, and tend to break with the norm, be more serious and involved. While they can see far-reaching goals, they still have trouble planning for tomorrow, and their companions often have to remind them of the urgency of their task. But once in motion, they work with great vigor.

Satyr names tend to be silly, pompous, or vulgar and are often full of innuendo.

Satyr Characteristics: Wild, hedonistic, undisciplined, fun-loving, lustful.

Male Names: Chips, Hornblower, Jack, Johnny, Nutty, Piper, Sandergast, Strongspear, Willy.

Female Names: Daffy, Dandodelly, Deepwell, Kick-hoof, Pelly, Pip, Screamer, Spring.


Heroic Tier Feats

Amazing Hooves

Prerequisite: Satyr

Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following powers you possess.
Chaos Bolt (Sorcerer): If you rolled an odd number for the primary attack roll, immediately shift 2 squares as a free action.
Guiding Strike (Bard): You can shift 1 square before using this power.
Luring Strike (Swordmage): Shift 2 squares (instead of one) before or after the attack.

Bleat of Triumph

Prerequisite: Satyr, Barbarian

Benefit: When you use the Roar of Triumph power, the area is a close burst with a radius of 5 + your Charisma modifier.

Feyborn Charm

Prerequisite: Eladrin, Gnome, or Satyr, bard

Benefit: When you use an arcane charm power, you gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. The bonus increases to +2 at 15th level and to +3 at 25th level.

You also gain a +1 feat bonus to Bluff checks and Diplomacy checks.

Horns of Thunder

Prerequisite: Satyr

Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following powers you possess.
Grasping Tide (Druid): When you cause a knockdown with this power, you can slide the target 2 squares.
Howl of Fury (Barbarian): The howl is a blast 5 centered on the target.
Tempest Assault (Warden): You can pull an enemy that takes Thunder damage from this power 1 square.
Voice of Battle (Shaman): One ally within 5 squares of your spirit companion can shift 1 square as a free action.

Majestic Step

Prerequisite: Satyr, Bard

Benefit: When you use your Majestic Word class feature, you slide the target an additional two squares.

Martial Hooves

Prerequisite: Satyr

Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following powers you possess.
Deft Strike (Rogue): Shift 2 squares (instead of move 2 squares) before the attack.
Footwork Lure (Fighter): Shift one square before or after the attack.
Nimble Strike (Ranger): Shift 2 squares (instead of one) before or after the attack.

Mountain Goat

Prerequisite: Satyr

Benefit: You gain Earthwalk and do not pay extra movement points for moving on rough earth and stone or on a slope or stair. When jumping, you are always considered to be making a running jump and gain a +5 bonus on Athletics checks to jump.

Satyr Ram

Prerequisite: Satyr
Benefit: You gain the satyr ram feat power.

Satyr Ram Feat Power
You have powerful horns and can use them to butt.
Standard Action      Melee
Attack: Strength or Charisma + 3 vs. AC. Increase bonus to +5 at level 11 and +7 at level 21.

Hit: 1d8 + Strength + Charisma modifier damage, and target is knocked prone. Increase damage to 2d8 + Strength + Charisma modifier at level 11 and 3d8 + Strength + Charisma modifier at level 21.
Charge: You can use satyr ram instead of a basic attack when you charge.


Prerequisite: Satyr, Druid

Benefit: Wild Shape (Druid): When you change from beast form back to your humanoid form, you can shift three squares rather than one.

Spirit Hooves

Prerequisite: Satyr

Benefit: You gain a benefit with any of the following powers you possess.
Howling Strike (Barbarian): If you are charging and raging while using this power, you can choose not to gain a speed bonus to your charge and instead count the movement of the charge as a shift.
Stalker's Strike (Shaman): Your spirit companion can shift 2 squares before the attack.
Thorn Whip (Druid): You can shift 1 square before the attack.

Wildborn Companion

Prerequisite: Satyr, ranger, Beast Mastery class feature

Benefit: Your beast companion gains the fey origin, instead of the natural origin, and ignores difficult ground.

When you use your nimble hooves racial power, your beast companion can shift the same distance that you do.

Paragon Tier Feats

Skip Along

Prerequisite: 11th level, Satyr

Benefit: At any time when you are allowed to shift, you can shift an additional square.

Skip and Bump

Prerequisite: 11th level, Satyr

Benefit: When you charge, you can expend your Nimble Hooves racial power as a free action to make the movement of the charge into a shift. If the charge attack hits, you do not expend Nimble Hooves.

Skip and Jump

Prerequisite: 11th level, Satyr

Benefit: You can use Nimble Hooves as an immediate reaction when knocked down, pushed, pulled, or slid. If you use Nimble Hooves while prone, you can stand up as a free action.

Epic Tier Feats

Sure Hooves

Prerequisite: 21th level, Satyr

Benefit: Nimble Hooves becomes an At-Will power.

Paragon Path

Satyrs have access to the racial Satyr Piper paragon path.