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This is an original Exemplar subclass for 5A.

You all saw that the old and feeble king was surrounded by twelve advisors. They were all occupied with their own plots and plans. But there were two factions, that of Olar and Yrko. Olar was the tall man in black robes, he is interested in status. Yrko the woman in red with the magnificent earrings, she is interested in wealth. These are the two we have to deal with.

An Exemplar subclass. A sage is a wise man or woman. Well educated, but with a focus on understanding people and communities over understanding the natural world. A sage might be known as a councilor, lawyer, judge, teacher, philosopher, or cenobite.

1st level: Focus Ability

Your Focus Ability is Wisdom. You are proficient in Intelligence and Wisdom saving throws.

1st level: Sage Proficiencies

When you choose this focus at 1st level, you gain proficiency with History, Insight and Persuasion. When you make a History or Persuasion check, you can use Wisdom instead of what ability you'd normally use. You gain expertise (double Proficiency Bonus) in one of these skills of your choice. If you already know one of these skills, select another skill to learn for each you already know.

1st level: Sage Gestures

You can communicate basic ideas to creatures with an Intelligence of 3 or more even if you lack a common language. You can communicate such things as friendly intent, need for basic things such as food or water, that you want to cross the creature's territory, or that you are willing to pay for such help. You can understand similar basic replies. This allows you to use the Persuasion skill against such creatures even if you don't share a common language.

2nd level: Sage Tricks

You can choose these tricks only available to Sages:

  • Pierce Defense. When you hit with a weapon attack, you can turn that attack into a critical hit.
  • Preempt Opponent. When an enemy within 30 feet takes an action or forces one of your allies to make a saving throw, you can give them disadvantage on their attack roll and your allies advantage on saving throws against the actions of that creature until the end of the current turn.
  • Sage Advice. As a free action you use the Help action to give an ally within 30 feet advantage on a check.
  • Stand Fast. When you or an ally within 30 feet would be moved and/or knocked prone, you can use this trick to prevent this from happening.

3rd level: Sage’s Calm

At 1st level, you have insight into people's personality, including your own. You are immune to the charmed and frightened conditions. As an action, you can remove the charmed and frightened condition from a creature within 30 feet who can see or hear you.

6th level: Sage Dice

You have unique ways to spend your Exemplar Dice.

  • When you fail an ability check, you can expend a sage die to make a Wisdom check and add the Exemplar Die to the result. Add the same tool and skill bonuses you did for the initial check. Use the new result if it is better.
  • When you take the Help action, you can add an Exemplar Die to the check of the ally you are helping.
  • When you spend an Exemplar Die for any reason, you can pick a creature within 30 feet and learn information about this creature depending in the result of your Exemplar Die. You always learn what weapons they are carrying, what natural attacks they can use, their Armor Class, and if they can cast spells. In addition roll an Exemplar Die and learn additional information depending on the result of the Exemplar Die..
  1. The creature's alignment. If alignment is not used, this gives a very brief description of the target's motivation.
  2. The target's attitude to each other creature within 30 feet of the target.
  3. The target's ability scores.
  4. What skills and languages the target knows.
  5. The names (but no other information) of actions listed on an NPC's character sheet.
  6. or higher: Your choice of result on this table.

10th level: Judgment of the Sage

You can negate a creature's action. After the actions of a creature within 100 feet have been resolved, you can declare those actions null and void. This negates all results of that action, restoring the situation to what it was before the action was taken. Any movement made remains and abilities used are not restored. If you use this to negate the effect of a dragon flying overhead and using its breath weapon, you do negate the effect of the breath, but the dragon's movement remains and the use of the breath weapon is still expended. At 10th level you can use this ability once. At 14th level you can use it twice, and at 18th level you can use it three times. You regain all uses at the end of a long rest.

14th level: Law of the Sage

You can take an action to proclaim a law that is enforced for the next minute. You must speak the law loud and clear. Choose a combat action. Typical choices are the Attack or Cast a Spell actions, but other actions are possible, even actions specific to a creature such as using a breath weapon. No creature within 100 feet can take the forbidden action. The effect lasts for one minute or until you lose concentration (as concentrating on a spell). You can use this ability once, and regain it at the end of a long rest.