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You can sense the presence of minds within Mind meters. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. You can extend this sense to an area at a distance, with normal range penalties.

Sense Psi


You have developed an awareness for the use of powers. Your area of awareness extends to a range of your Mind times your Recon in meters. You sense any use of powers in the area and if you know the user you can identify who used it. You must make an opposed Recon check to sense a creature that is Sneaking or an object in such a creature's possession.

This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power.