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Adaptive Senses

Stance or Inherent

Like most animals, your senses become finely attuned to the surroundings. You ignore all perception penalties based on one environment of your choice, such as low light, fog, sun glare, altitude etc. You still cannot see where there is no light, but senses like smell, hearing and vibration sense lets you perceive anything moving in a range out to your power skill in meters. In general, this allows you perception similar to vision out to your Mind meters without relying on actual sight. It is still possible to sneak on you. This can be a Stance or Inherent as selected when it is taken; an inherent power is always there but the sense gained cannot be changed from use to use.

Animal Adaption


You can survive extremes of temperature and environment as well as animals adapted to the environment you are in. In extreme environments, where animals can only survive through special behaviors, such as hibernation, you must do as these animals do in order to survive, but unlike most animals you can survive forever by continuing to act in this manner, even avoiding ageing.

Animal Senses


You gain the exceptional senses of one species of animal. Animals are adapted to the environment they live in and are able to overcome dangers and find prey in this environment. Typical senses for land animals include keen smell and low-light vision, but animals specialized in other environments can have telescopic vision (raptor birds), electroperception (sharks), heat sense (snakes), magnetoreception (birds and others), and mechanoreception (like cat whiskers and fish lateral lines). In the chosen animal's environment, this allows you perception similar to vision out to your Mind meters without relying on actual sight. It is still possible to sneak on you.

Animal Spy

Basic Action or Limit Break

You can scry what an animal senses, including all senses. Range is not a factor, but there must be an animal on the scene for you to scry. Scryig at one specific location or trough the eyes of a known individual animal is a Basic Action; looking around to find something takes a Limit Break.

To gain information this way you make an opposed check against the targets' Recon. You gain valuable information based on the outcome of this roll; if the outcome matches the target's Mind you gain clear and important insights into the target's activities. On a failed roll, you learn obvious details and trivia; if the negative Outcome matches your Mind you learn misleading information or the target notices your spying.

Scent Bind


You alter the target's scent. You can decide if this new scent is detectable only to you, to a specific type of creatures, to all creatures sensitive to scent, or to everyone. To creatures that can sense the scent, it is painfully obvious when the target is nearby, and it becomes trivial to track the target or sense where he has been in the last few days; add +10 to all Track stunts. The scent can also contain a simple message or warning, telling those who smell it something about the target, such as "dangerous", "slut", "deceitful" or other trait. Removing this scent is a Curse, and unless the target can sense the scent it is not obvious that it is there.

Scent the Unnatural

Limit Break

You use this power by running around, sniffing out an area. Make a Recon check. Compare the result to the Impress of any supernatural creatures or events in the vicinity (within Recon meters). This includes most creatures except Animals and Folk and all Traditions except yours. On a success, you sense the unnatural presence and its approximate nature and location. This includes creature type and a general description. On a failure, you still realize something is there, but also that it is too powerful for you to analyze or meddle with.

A common way to use this is on a wide-ranging patrol, covering a number of acres equal to your Recon times your Move, in which case it is usually sufficient to make one roll for each potential unnatural presence that can be found.

Sense Animal

Basic Action

You can sense the presence of animals at a distance. Make a skill roll and multiply the result by 10; this is the range in meters. Normally, you detect any type of animal, but by concentrating on a particular species, individual or descriptive trait you can eliminate all others. This has the effects of a Scan stunt, and you automatically spot creatures in this area who are not Sneaking, even if they would be impossible to sense with your normal senses. You can choose to exclude certain animals and to only search for specific animals.

Silent Paws

Basic Action

You can Sneak and make a full move without needing to make a Recon check, as well as climb, swim, jump, and perform similar stunts. You still need cover normally.