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This is a Ranger conclave for 5A.

Some rangers join fighting orders, often in the company of paladin's of the Oath of the Ancients. Scouring the wilderness for enemies and confronting them directly, such ranger-knights can summon mighty steeds to serve them.

Greyhawk Principally present in the Highfolk part of the order of the Hart and by elven knights in the Adri Forest, the goddess Ehlonna (and sometimes others) inspire rangers to become champions of nature.

Source: Original.

Subclass Features

Knightly Spells

Starting at 3rd level, you learn an additional spell when you reach certain levels as a ranger, as shown in the Ranger Knight Spells table. These spells count as a ranger spells for you, but do not count against the number of ranger spells you know.

Ranger Knight Spells
Ranger Level Spells
3 Compelled Duel
5 Find Steed
9 Spirit Shroud
13 Find Greater Steed
17 Holy Weapon

Born to Ride

Starting at 3rd level, your mastery as a rider becomes apparent. You can ride bareback with no penalty compared to riding a saddle. You have advantage on saving throws made to avoid falling off your mount. If you fall off your mount and descend no more than 10 feet, you can land on your feet if you’re not incapacitated. Finally, mounting or dismounting a creature costs you only 5 feet of movement, rather than half your speed.

Ranger's Mark

Starting at 3rd level, you can menace your foes, focusing their attacks on you. As a bonus action you can mark a creature within 10 feet that you can see. This mark lasts for one minute, until you use the ability again, or until the target is affected by another mark. If you get to a creature you have marked in this way inflicts damage on a creature other than you or moves our of a space in your reach (even if moving to another space within your reach), you can use a reaction to make a weapon attack on the marked creature and gain advantage on this attack.

Bonded Mount

At 7th level, when you use Find Steed or Find Greater Steed to summon a mount, you can summon the creature in your space with you mounted on it. As you advance in level, your summoned mounts share certain of your ranger class features as you gain them: Land's Stride, Nature's Veil, Vanish, and Feral Senses.

Mount of the Mist

At 11th level, you learn the Misty Step spell. If you are mounted, the spell can also teleport your mount and anything it is carrying. You can use this ability to cast Misty Step a number of times equal to your Proficiency Bonus, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.

Forest Warden

At 15th level, you learn Transport Via Plants and can cast it by expending a use of your Mount of the Mist ability. If you are mounted, the spell can also teleport your mount and anything it is carrying.

Designer's 's Notes

A ranger conclave leaning against the paladin and borrowing from the Chevalier. Aiming for concepts like unicorn maiden.