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This is a Fighter subclass for 5A.

Many warriors have a profession besides their fighting skills. Holding a commission as an officer or a military specialty like engineering, supplies, administration, or even advanced positions such as judges or governors. Others are adventurers who see fighting as but one side of their career.

Greyhawk Many professionals come from a noble background, others have had the fortune to combine the military with studies and professional training.

Source: Player's Handbook

Class features

Scholar of War

At 3rd level, you learn History and two other skills of your choice. You can replace one skill with any combination of 3 languages or sets of artisan's tools if desired. If you already know History, you learn 3 languages instead.

Warrior's Observation

Starting at 3rd level you can study a creature to learn of its abilities compared to your own. Spend a bonus action in combat or 1 minute observing or interacting with another creature outside combat to learn certain information about its capabilities compared to your own. The DM tells you if the creature is your equal, superior, or inferior in regard to one of the following characteristics of your choice:

  • Armor Class
  • Current hit points
  • A skill bonus of your choice
  • Level or challenge rating

You can use the ability again on the same target to gain more knowledge, but this makes it obvious you are sizing up your target.

Situation Analysis

At 7th level, you can take a small pause to consider a situation, realizing how to best face the present challenge.

When rolling initiative, you can choose to accept a -4 penalty. If you do so, you gain a bonus of 1d4 to the damage of all your weapon attacks, of the same damage type your weapon already inflicts. You have this bonus for one minute. This damage increases to 1d6 at 10th level, 1d8 at 15level, and 1d10 at 18th level.

Scholar of War

Starting at 10th level, when you know the target's creature type, you score a critical hit with a weapon attack on a die roll of 18-20.

Find Weakness

At 15th level, when you are using situation analysis, any weapon attack you make ignores damage resistance, and treats damage immunity as if it was damage resistance.

Editor's Notes

A fighter with a focus on skills and less focus on combat.

See Also

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