Power Fist (Dragonstar)

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A large robotic fist and lower arm, worn like an oversize bracer on the arm and used as a melee weapon. A Power Fist uses hydralic rams mounted in the forearm and fingers of the oversize mechanical hand to cause a crushing grip that can tear steel like paper. The hand can still be used normally with the Power Fist fitted.

The Imperial Marine Corps rarely use this weapon, it is far more popular with the legions. It is commonly used with PAC units in Hardsuits on shipboard assault missions.


The augmented servos makes Power Attacks particulary devastating. It can be used to cause damage while grappling, and does double damage to vehicles, objects and walls.

You need Martial Weapon Proficiency and Technological Proficiency to use a Power Fist proficiently. Like the gauntlet, attacks with the Power Fist count as unarmed attacks, provoking attacks opportunity if you lack the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.

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