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This is an original Exemplar subclass for 5A.

The tiny needle slid into the wizard’s gut as the physic gently slapped his face. “What in the hells?!,” cried the mage. “Why are you sticking a needle in me?” “Because you were stuck dead by a spell and I needed to reset your humors to bring you back,” she replies with an unnerving calm. “I was dead?” he asks, aghast. “Yes.” The physic answers, a bit frustrated. “Well, only temporarily.” Rubbing at his temples, the mage continues, “and you brought me back...from the dead?” “Yes.” She gestures behind her with one thumb. “Now try and keep up. The others are trying to kill that lich by themselves and it is not going well.”

An Exemplar subclass. The study of the body calls to some people. These exemplars want an understanding of life beyond magic, taking to wandering battlefields or back alleys in search of suffering to heal with nothing more than their hands and knowledge. Physic knowledge can seem esoteric — the relationship of natural humors, the importance of different organs to various functions, and the correct use of herbs may look like a magic, but is not.

As a Physic your role is primarily that of a healer, and though you have access to poisons and other forms of attack your abilities primarily focus on keeping your allies alive.

Mundane Healing in the Game

Magical healing in the game is cheap and effective, and to compete mundane healing needs to be the same. The two main branches of mundane healing is the exemplar Physic and the rogue Chirurgeon. The fencer Medico is less proficient and a mix of the other two styles. To merit having two branches, they have to be different, which is expressed in the different classes they belong to. The Physic is focused on medicaments and the balance of the humors. From the Savant, it inherits stunts, and defense. The Chirurgeon is focused on the healing power of the knife, surgery. From the rogue it inherits sneak attack, cutting enemies with a surgeon's precision.

A physic might be known as a doctor, apothecary, wise woman, herbalist, acupuncturist, or healer.

1st level: Focus Ability

Your Focus Ability is Wisdom. You are proficient in Wisdom and Charisma saving throws.

1st level: Physic Training

You gain proficiency with Medicine, the herbalists' kit, and the poisoner’s kit. You can use a healer's kit without expending any charges. You gain expertise (double Proficiency Bonus) in Medicine. If you already know one of these, you select another option of the same type: skill/tool to learn.

1st level: Balancing the Humors

You can spend an action to identify maladies and rout them from a creature within 5 feet. Treating a disease or condition requires a successful Medicine check. If the effect allows a saving throw use the saving throw DC as the DC of Balancing the Humors. Otherwise use a DC of 15. If the Medicine check fails, you cannot attempt to use this ability on this particular creature again until it finishes a long rest. You can only remove effects that affect a living target. Undead, constructs, and objects cannot benefit from this ability. For example, at level 6, even if Dispel Magic can remove an Alarm spell, you cannot use Balancing the Humors to remove it as Alarm does not directly affect a living body.

At 3rd level you can remove a disease and the paralyzed, poisoned, and stunned conditions, as well as any effect on the patient's body that will do damage to the target on later rounds.

At 6th level, you can treat the blinded, charmed, and deafened conditions as well as any effect that can be removed with the Lesser Restoration or Dispel Magic spells.

At 10th level, you can reduce the target’s exhaustion level by one, remove the frightened, and petrified conditions, and negate any reduction in maximum Hit Points, as well as any condition that can be removed by the Remove Curse or Greater Restoration spells.

At 14th level you can remove any conditions or effects that can be removed by the Wish spell.

2nd level: Physic Tricks

You can choose these tricks only available to Physic's.

  • Always With a Tonic. You ready and administer a potion to yourself or an ally within 5 feet without spending an action. At 6th level, you may use the Physic Dice ability as a free action.
  • Opening Wounds. Use this trick when you attack a creature with a melee weapon attack and the creature is missing any of its Hit Points. You have advantage on the attack roll and add your Exemplar Die to the damage. This does not spend a die from your Exemplar Dice pool.
  • Rescue the Suffering. You can use an action to activate this trick. You gain the benefits of the Dash and Disengage actions, and if you move within 5 feet of a willing creature no more than one size category larger than you, you can pull that creature along as you move. You can only move one creature with this ability.
  • Sinister Hand. When you hit with a weapon, you can inject the target with a poison in your possession. If the poison allows a saving throw, use your exemplar save DC if that is better than the poison's save DC. If you use no other poison with Sinister Hand, you can use a poison that does your Exemplar Die poison damage with no saving throw. This does not expend one of your exemplar dice.

3rd level: Physic ’s Care

You can optimize the effects of a short rest. You and any friendly creatures that take a short rest can add your Proficiency Bonus in Medicine in addition to their Constitution Bonus to each of the Hit Dice they spend to recover hit points. In addition, you can remove one condition or a level of exhaustion from each resting creature. You can affect a number of creatures equal to your Medicine bonus. Undead, constructs, and the dead cannot benefit from this ability.

6th level: Physic Dice

You can choose these tricks only available to Physic's:

  • You can take an action and spend an Exemplar Die to heal a creature you touch. Roll the Exemplar Die and add your Wisdom (Medicine) modifier, the target recovers Hit Points equal to the result. The target can also spend a Hit Dice and get the usual benefits. Undead and constructs cannot benefit from this ability.
  • You can take an action and spend an Exemplar Die to end any one ongoing effect on yourself or a creature within 5 feet. Roll an Exemplar Die. On a result of 3 or higher the effect ends. Undead and constructs cannot benefit from this ability.

10th level: Healer's Touch

You can use an action to touch a willing creature within 5 feet. The creature spends a Hit Die and adds your Medicine bonus to the hit points recovered. If the target has no hit dice to spend, it only regains Hit Points equal to your Medicine bonus. A creature can only benefit from this ability once, regaining the ability to be healed this way on a long or short rest. Constructs and undead cannot benefit from this ability at all.

10th level: Ailment Exposure

Countless minor exposures to ailments of all kinds have made you immune to poison damage, the paralyzed and poisoned conditions, and all forms of disease, infection, or infestation.

14th level: Resuscitate

You can revive the dead if you reach them soon enough. You can spend an action touching a creature that has recently died. Make a Medicine check with a DC equal to the number of rounds the creature has been dead. On a success, the creature returns to life with Hit Points equal to the result of your Medicine check. A creature can only benefit from Resuscitate once between long rests. Undead and constructs cannot benefit from this ability.