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This is a Warlock otherworldly patron for 5A.

Not all warlocks make pacts with mighty creatures. The pagan warlock does not have one powerful spirit as a patron, but a multitude of lesser spirits of mixed origins. This gives the warlock the freedom to choose their own path, drawing upon the support of spirits helpful to each cause.

Pagan in this sense is not a religion, these spirits are not gods. The world-view of the pagan warlock is close to the Druid class and the Animist Domain, tough the spirits a warlock contacts are less benign.

Otherworldly Patron Features

Expanded Spell List

Spell Level Spells
1 Alarm, Identify
2 Moonbeam, See Invisibility
3 Bestow Curse, Tiny Servant
4 Arcane Eye, Freedom of Movement
5 Awaken, Passwall

Court of Spirits

From the point where you select this patron at 1st level you are surrounded by a buzzing court of minor spirits only you can perceive or interact with. Their help allows you to use a bonus action to take the Search action.

Hedge Magic

Staring at 1st level your work with lesser spirits gives you the ability to cast your less powerful spells many times. You have a pool of hedge magic points equal to your sorcerer level. You can use this to cast any of your 1st level known spells, expending one point from the pool for each level of the spell. Your hedge magic pool is renewed when you finish a long rest. At 6th level you can use hedge magic to cast any 2nd level spell you know. At 10 level you can cast 3rd level spells in this manner, and at 14th level you can cast 4th level spells using hedge magic.

Spirit Advice

At 10th level, as a part of a long rest, you can ask local spirits about an item of your choice within 20 feet or about the area within 3 miles. This works as either Legend Lore or Commune with Nature—this version of Commune with Nature works even in areas where land has been replaced by construction.

Object Possession

At 14th level you can cast Animate Objects, calling on your court of spirits to animate nearby objects. The number of objects you can animate is equal to your warlock level. You can only cast Animate Objects once, and regain the ability to cast this spell when you finish a long rest.

Designer's Notes

This subclass is all about the Hedge Magic ability. The rest of the abilities are chosen to not be very strong and not have too good synergies with hedge magic. In particular, I have avoided low-level spells that retain utility at high level, like Shield.