Opportunity Shot (Dragonstar)

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You can engage targets of opportunity.

Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Base Attack Bonus +3 or greater

Benefit: As a standard action, you may make yourself ready to use Opportunity Shot. Select a cone-shaped area that you will cover - with a base as wide as the maximum range of your weapon. Until the start of your next action, you may make ranged attack against any target in this cone that would provoke an attack of opportunity if standing in your threatened zone. In effect, your threatened zone extends out to the range of your weapon. You may not exceed your normal limit on attacks of opportunity. Opportunity attacks/actions of any kind do not activate this feat, so you cannot take an Opportunity Shot against anyone use an attack of opportunity.

Special: Half cover or more negates attacks of opportunity, so characters firing weapons behind such cover won't trigger this feat.

Perhaps this feat should have increased prerequisites? As a matter of fact, it has already become less powerful, as Crack Shot no longer allows you to bypass cover for this feat. Comments, anyone? -- Starfox

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