Neuro Lash (Dragonstar)

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The Neuro Lash is a bullwhip with made of threaded plastic and metal wires. An induction field interacts with the targets neural system, causing intense pain. The weapon can inflict lethal (bludgeoning) or subdual damage. Those hit by the whip must make a DC 15 (?) Fort save or be stunned for one round. Changing setting is a free action. Targets immune to pain or subdual take no damage from the whip.

The whip is powered by a micorcell located in the handle. It provides enough energy for 100 hours of continual use. If the induction field is turned off, the whip causes normal damage for a bull whip.

You need Exotic Proficiency (Whip) and Technological Proficiency to use a neurolash. All normal rules for bullwhips apply (range, bonus to disarm, etc).

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