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Neith is a goddess of war and hunting, but also of domestic arts such as weaving. She stands guard over the bodies of fallen soldiers and is responsible for teaching humanity how to make the weapons of war. From her loom, she also weaves bandages and shrouds for wounded or slain warriors, and in this aspect she is venerated as a funerary goddess. Neith is the protector of the stomach, and guards the canopic jar that holds this organ. A divinity of creation, Neith is said to weave the world on her loom every day, though Ptah and Ra are more usually venerated as creators.

Neith is also a water deity, and as Wadjet is the embodiment of the River Sphinx, Neith is goddess of the oceans that surround Osirion. While on a long hunt in the desert, Neith encountered Set, and their meeting resulted in the birth of a son, the crocodile god Sobek. Neith is respected for her wisdom, and on many occasions has served as a mediator between Horus and Set. Neith appears as a woman wearing a red deshret crown. She is occasionally depicted wearing armor, and always carries a bow and arrows.

Hunters, rangers, sailors, smiths, soldiers, and warriors all worship Neith as their patron. Clerics of Neith are usually skilled smiths or weavers, or both, and like their goddess, they do not marry.

Alignment: NG goddess of hunting, war, and weaving.

Weapon: Shortbow (normal or composite).

Symbol: A shield and two crossed arrows.

Animal: Bee.

Pathfinder Domains

Animal (Feather, Fur), Artifice (Construct), Good (Agathion), Water (Oceans), War (Tactics).

Pathfinder Traits

Alpha Hunter You are the top predator in your area. You get a +4 trait bonus to initiative in the wilderness.

Tireless Avenger You restlessly pursue your enemies. The DC for the Constitution check to avoid taking lethal damage during a forced march is 10 + 1 per extra hour, instead of 10 + 2 per extra hour.

Pathfinder Obedience

Spend an hour working at a craft of your choice, contemplating how you and the thing you craft fit into the goddess' weave and the world. You gain a +2 sacred bonus on Craft and Perception checks.


  1. Champion of Neith (Sp) hunter's lore 3/day, make whole 2/day, tactical acumen 1/day
  2. Peacemaker (Ex): When you use Diplomacy to make a request to start a negotiation, creatures with an attitude of hostile or unfriendly count as indifferent when calculating the difficulty.
  3. Faithful Archer (Ex) You are particularly skilled at using Neith’s favored weapon. When using a shortbow, you add your Wisdom bonus on attack and damage rolls against targets within 30 feet.

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