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This is a Limitation for Action.

Mundane Form

Basic Action

You have two distinct forms; a powered form and a normal form. You can this as a power to change between these forms as a basic action. This might change your appearance, but any major change involves Transformation. You spend most of your non-adventure time in your mundane form.

When in your mundane form, you do not have access to your Powers. You also get rid of your Deviance limitations.

Sometimes you may have trouble transforming. The transformation is normally subtle enough to perform under even light cover, but transforming in public is embarrassing and shows your identity. If you have a transformation that is so troublesome that it is hard to achieve this is worth two limitations. Some examples:

  • You need some special and cumbersome item; a power armor to wear, a vehicle that transforms, or a huge demonic sword that is hard to conceal.
  • You need some special environment, such as being submerged in water, wrapped in flames or buried.
  • You transformation is highly spectacular, and attract the attention of the nearest block (at least). Perhaps you create the image of a a huge fire bird as you transform.
  • You need some unusual and limited substance; a rare drug, shamanic medicine or even physical contact and permission from another (usually non-powered) character.
  • Your powers are triggered remotely by someone else; an agency, sorcerer, or mad scientist involved in your origin. This gives them a great deal of control over you.
  • Anyone can trigger the transformation by doing some prescribed action, such as saying a magic word. This can make you powerless at inopportune times. Doing so requires knowing how to do it, and generally requires a Setback as well.