Multi Sword (Dragonstar)

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The blade of the Multiple Configuration Sword is manufactured from polymimetic metal alloys. In its basic form it appears as a shortsword mated to a longsword hilt. A stud on the hilt is used is used to pass a phased current through the blade, causing it to lengthen or shorten.

The weapon has three settings: short, medium and long blade length. These correspond to shortsword, longsword and greatsword. Changing blade configuration is a free action. The weapon is powered by a microcell which holds enough charge for 1000 uses. It is easily reloaded by plugging the weapon into a wall socket through a standard power cord. If the power cell runs out, the weapon remains its last configuration.

The morphic nature of the blade makes the Multi Sword incompatible with other modifications such as keenblade and Chain Weapon technology. A Multi Sword can be masterwork as per the standard rules.

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