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The Multiple Configuration Rod appears to be a metal cylinder, two inches in diameter and one inch in length. It is made of polymimetic metal alloys. When a hidden button is pressed, phased current is passed through the mimetic metal matrix, which causes the ring to lengthen or shorten. This allows the ring to transform into two weapon forms, rod or staff. In either form, the weapon appears as a smooth, lightweight metal pipe.

The Multi Rod is popular with monks, law enforcement officers and others who who want to keep a blunt implement handy. When collapsed into ring form the Multi Rod is easily concealed, and gives a +4 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to hide the weapon.

The weapon is powered by an integrated microcell which holds enough charge for 1000 uses. It is easily reloaded by plugging the weapon into a wall socket through a standard power cord. If the power cell runs out, the weapon remains its last configuration.

The morphic nature of the rod makes the Multi Rod incompatible with other technological modifications. A Multi Rod can be masterwork as per the standard rules.

Note: Babylon 5 affictionados will recognize this weapon as the Minbari fighting pike.

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