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This is a Rogue subclass for 5A.

A mountebank is a social rogue, a confidence trickster that thrives on fast talk, faster escape, and make-believe magic rather than stealth or thievery. A classic trickster, the mountebank might have or not have honest intentions, but after befuddling people this often does not matter, even a honest mountebank can cause confusion and dissent. As the mountebank advances in level, pretenses turn into genuine magic.

Greyhawk Mountebanks are a tradition in Greyhawk and environs, but its not a guild or a school, more a tradition of scoundrels playing a common role.

Archetype Features

Bonus Proficiency

At 3rd level when you pick this archetype, you gain proficiency with one of the following: Arcana, Deception, Medicine, Sleight of Hand, or the disguise kit.


At 3rd level you can use trickery to stupefy others. As a bonus action, you can use Intelligence (Arcana), Charisma (Deception), Wisdom (Medicine), or Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) to stun a creature within 10 ft. Make a roll with a DC equal to target's passive value in the skill you are using. If you succeed, the target is Stunned until the end of your current turn.

Minor Magic

At 9th level you learn a bit of magic, enough to enhance your pretenses. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells. Select three of the following cantrips: Booming Blade, Control Flames, Dancing Lights, Friends, Infestation, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Minor Illusion, Mold Earth, Prestidigitation, or Shape Water.

In addition you learn Mage Armor and Misty Step. You can cast each of these spells twice. You recover all uses after a long rest.

Major Magic

At 13th level you learn additional magic. Add Shield and Suggestion to the list of spells you can cast.

Unending Magic

At 17th level you can cast all spells gained from the mountebank archetype as many times as you like.

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