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Monks need to start as Lawful or Neutral in alignment. They can become chaotic during play with no game disadvantages, but existing monks might decide to hunt them down.

May multiclass freely. When multiclassing to a prestige class class that would ordinarily gain or use medium armor, you can forgo that armor proficiency and have levels in that class count for the purpose of armor class bonus.

The monk may exchange the following class abilities for bonus feats: Still mind (level 3), Purity of body (5), Wholeness of body (7), Improved evasion (9), Diamond body (11), Diamond soul (13), Quivering palm (15), Timeless body (17), Empty body (19). A possible total of 9 bonus feats, plus the normal three.

These feats can be selected from any feat that is somehow monk-related (I am too lazy to make a list).

Finally, a monk-only feat: Weapon Kata.