Merchant's Maze

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'The Maze is both a market and a hiding-place. Saval Dorn, Trader

The merchants of the Trade District of Sasserine have no formal organization. But everyone who is anyone in the district knows each other, and power is very much a matter of connections and clients, forming an intricate maze of relationships that mirrors the canals of the district and can be just as hard for an outsider to navigate.

Symbol: No formal symbol. Informally, a knotted web of tangled blue yarn is used, often as a decoration on signposts, carts, boats or even clothing.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: Everyone in Merchant's District is out to make a profit.

Enemies and Allies: In many ways, the members of the Maze are each other's worst competition. But when the interests of the district or the city of Sasserine's interests are threatened, they are quick to shelve internal differences for the common good. External enemies include pirates and the machinations of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Secrets: Every merchant has his trade secrets, but the Maze as a whole has few secrets.

Class Notes: The Maze favors the Expert NPC class and the bard, rogue, and prodigy classes.

Type: Business.

Scale: 7 City and outliers

Capital: 8 (Gp limit 14,400, Assets 100,800 gp)

Affiliation Score Criteria: The Maze values networking skills, a nose for business, and profit.


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Effective character level. +1/2 levels
Acquired 5
5 ranks in Bluff +1
10 ranks in Bluff +1
5 ranks in Profession (Sailor) +1
5 ranks in Appraise +1
5 ranks in Gather Information +1
Work 2
Making a living through trade +1
Per 14,400 gp invested in a business +1
Adventure 3
Establish contacts in another town or city +1
Protect trade goods, traders or trade expedition +1
Return stolen trade goods (even if rewarded) +1
Part of a successful trade expedition +2
Thwart pirates or bandits +1
Remove obstacle to trade +1
Penalties 2
Involved in scandal -1
Caught selling shoddy goods -2
Known to have made bad business descisions -2
Fail to live up to contract -4
Caught using violence in competition -4

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Advancement in The Maze brings increased trust and mercantile contacts.


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Visitor: Can do business in Merchant District.
4-10 Hawker: Trusted member of the community. 3/4 price on items up to 1,000 gp value.
11-20 Tradesman: 3/4 price on all items bought, up to the gp limit of the Merchant's Maze.
21-29 Merchant: 3/4 price on all items bought, up to the gp limit of Sasserne.
30 or higher Merchant Prince: Extensive contacts even outside of Sasserine. 3/4 price on all items bought, even exceeding the gp limit of Sasserine. Can procure items of any value, even if it can take a bit of time.

Executive Powers: Mint, Research, Trade.