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Magic items follow the general rules of Gear (5A), but also these more detailed rules.

Using Magic Items

Magic items can't be used by just anyone.

Abilities Governed by User

I like it when the user matters more than the item.

  • A magic item always uses your save DC and Spell Attack Bonus. If you lack such values, use the values listed in the item description.
  • A magic item cannot do more dice of damage than the user's level.

Who Can Use What

Specific class abilities can override these general rules.

Scrolls can be used by any spellcaster who has or will gain the spell to their spell list from class choices already made.

Potions, elixirs, ointments etc. Any creature can gain the benefits of a potion, even creatures that lack a metabolism. Can be used by anyone who can open the bottle and drink the contents. This excludes creatures with an Int of 2 or less or who lack manipulator limbs. This includes most familiars. Such a creature can still be fed a potion.

It is a bonus action to take out and use a potion (not ointment etc) on yourself, an action to take from and/or use a potion on a willing or helpless creature within 5 feet.

Staffs and Wands either cast a spell or require a command word. If a staff or wand fails to note this in its description, it is still assumed to be so. A creature must be able to speak to do this. Animal noises are not sufficient. This precludes familiars from using such items.

Use-Activated Items Any creature of intelligence 3 or more can use a use-activated item as long as it can do the action required.

Command Word Command word activated items are activated by words, not grunts or animal noises. A creature must have an Intelligence of 5 or more and be able to speak to do this. This precludes most familiars from using command word activated items.


Any creature can attune the same number of magic items, intelligent or not. A creature need not be intelligent to attune a magic item, but its use of the item is certainly limited by Intelligence.

Minor Item Attunement

This is a radical rule, subject to change.

You can attune any number of items with a cost is less than or equal to the listed cost limit of a consumable of half your level. This does not count against your attunement limit.

Magic Item Prices and Levels

We will be using the values for magic items given in 5A Magic Item Prices. For items not on this list, the GM will set the prices.

Common Magic Items

These items are generally available on the market.

Item Use Source Price
Candle of the Deep Consumable XGE 2
Bead of Nourishment Consumable XGE 5
Bead of Refreshment Consumable XGE 5
Moodmark Paint Consumable GGR 5
Spell Scroll (cantrip) Consumable DMG 10
Breathing Bubble (1-use) Consumable EGW 20
Perfume of Bewitching Consumable XGE 20
Pressure Capsule Consumable GoS 20
Ammunition +1 Consumable DMG 25
Mystery Key Consumable XGE 25
Walloping Ammunition Consumable XGE 25
Feather Token Consumable E:RLW 30
Spellwrought Tattoo (cantrip) Consumable TCE 40
Pot of Awakening Consumable XGE 50
Potion of Healing (2d4+2) Consumable DMG 50
Veteran's Cane Consumable XGE 60
Spell Scroll (level 1) Consumable DMG 60 plus component price
Philter of Love Consumable DMG 90
Pixie Dust Consumable WBW 100
Potion of Animal Friendship Consumable DMG 100
Potion of Climbing Consumable DMG 100
Spellshard - E:RLW 1 per page
Shiftweave - E:RLW 10 per outfit
Cloak of Billowing - XGE 10
Pole of Angling - XGE 10
Smoldering Armor - XGE 10
Sekolahian Worshipping Statuette - GoS 20
Cleansing Stone - E:RLW 20
Ear Horn of Hearing - XGE 20
Coin of Delving - EGW 20
Dread Helm - XGE 20
Pipe of Remembrance - GoS 20
Pipe of Smoke Monsters - XGE 20
Horn of Silent Alarm - XGE 25
Orb of Direction - XGE 25
Pole of Collapsing - XGE 25
Shield of Expression - XGE 25
Orb of Time - XGE 30
Clothes of Mending - XGE 40
Glamerweave - E:RLW 40
Hat of Vermin - XGE 40
Ruby of the War Mage Attuned XGE 40
Armor of Gleaming - XGE 50
Lock of Trickery - XGE 5 x Lock Price, commonly 50
Masquerade Tattoo Attuned TCE 50
Vox Seeker - EGW 50
Rope of Mending - XGE 60
Staff of Flowers - XGE 60
Thermal Cube - ID:RF 60
Wand of Pyrotechnics - XGE 60
Scribe's Pen Attuned E:RLW 65
Orb of Shielding Attuned E:RLW 65
Wand Sheath Attuned E:RLW 75
Heward's Handy Spice Pouch - XGE 75
Instrument of Scribing Attuned XGE 75
Staff of Adornment - XGE 75
Wand of Scowls - XGE 75
Wand of Smiles - XGE 75
Ersatz Eye Attuned XGE 80
Everbright Lantern - E:RLW 80
Prosthetic Limb - TCE 80
Imbued Wood Focus - E:RLW 90
Hat of Wizardry Attuned XGE 90
Illuminator's Tattoo Attuned TCE 90
Charlatan's Die Attuned XGE 100
Cracked Driftglobe - CM 100
Enduring Spellbook - XGE 100
Instrument of Illusions Attuned XGE 100
Talking Doll Attuned XGE 100
Cast-Off Armor - XGE 120
Moon-Touched Sword - XGE 120
Dark Shard Amulet Attuned XGE 120
Tankard of Sobriety - XGE 120
Wand of Conducting - XGE 120
Breathing Bubble (reuseable) - EGW 150
Clockwork Amulet - XGE 150
Staff of Birdcalls - XGE 150
Boots of False Tracks - XGE 200
Pyroconverger Attuned GGR 200
Alchemy Jug (Orange) - CM 200
Hook of Fisher's Delight - ID:RF 200
Cloak of Many Fashions - XGE 200
Spellshard (book of 200 pages) - E:RLW 200
Lantern of Tracking - ID:RF 250

New Magic items


A gadget is similar to a spell scroll in that it can cast a spell once, but instead of having the spell on your spell list, you need proficiency with tinker's tools to use a gadget. You do not need to cast the spell in order to craft a gadget. A gadget costs twice as much as a spell scroll, and can only hold spells up to 5th level.

Spell Fetish

Spell fetches are an earlier variant of spell scrolls

A spell fetish bears the magic of a single spell, expressed as a tiny work of art. If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can use the fetish and cast its spell without providing any material components. Otherwise, the fetish is unintelligible. Casting the spell by using a fetish requires the spell’s normal casting time. Once the spell is cast, the fetish crumbles to dust. If the casting is interrupted, the fetish is not lost.

If the spell is on your class's spell list but of a higher level than you can normally cast, you must make an ability check using your spellcasting ability to determine whether you cast it successfully. The DC equals 10 + the spell's level. On a failed check, the spell the fetish crumbles to dust with no other effect.

Unlike a spell scroll, a wizard can't copy a spell from a fetish.

The cost, save DC, and rarity of a spell fetish is the same as that of a Spell Scroll of the same level.

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