Jennikki's Log (Savage Tide)

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Pirate Hunting

Day 162 - Scrying on Pirate Fleet

Jennikki's scrying revealed Yuan-Ti attack.

Day 163 - Set Sails!

Sailing towards Scuttlecove on the Sea Wyvern.

Day 167 - Monsters On Board Is Bad Luck

Found pirate shipwreck with monster on board. Possibly victim of a Yuan-Ti trap. Black pearls stolen.

Day 168 - Scuttlecove

Arrival. Met Harliss

Day 169

Visited Porphyry House.

Day 170

Attack on Porphyria House

Day 174

Starting return trip

Day 179

Back in Farshore

Day 179


Day 186

Farshore Making magic

Day 193

Ready for Feast

Day 195

Death Holiday

Day 197

Sail North

Day 198

Bribe Dragon, Enter Cave

Day 199

Black Pudding

Day 200


Day 202

Giant Centipede. Screamcurtain, Barbas

Day 203


Day 204

Studying the Culture

Day 205

Studying the Aboleth

Day 206

Off we go

Day 208

Temple of the Ancient Ones, Aboleth

Day 207

Corpus Patrol

Day 209

Hall of the Dreamers

Day 211

Strike against GolisMorga

Day 212

Mushroom Teleport to Mongrel City

Day 216

Arrived on the surface at bridge

Day 217

Helped the settlement. commune with nature

Day 218


Day 225

Set off looking for Innersol. Arrived at Ewok settlement

Day 226

Set off for Mantru