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Greyhawk for 4E

There are no half races in Greyhawk. Half orcs do not exist. However, it is a fiction perpetuated by certain clever hobgoblins. The half orc race described in the Player's Handbook 2 is in fact a player version of the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblins raised in human lands or birthed by humans often accept this fiction, considering themselves half-orcs and kin to orcs. Many learn giant and strive to uphold orcish traditions and ideals.

Hobgoblins that grew up in human lands do not have the trust in their kin and unit that grants ordinary hobgoblins their resilience. Instead, they have learned to excel as individuals trough Half-Orc Resilience, Swift Charge, and Furious Assault.

Languages: Half orcs Speak Common and either Giant or Goblin.

Racial Feats

Hobgoblin Resilience

Prerequisite: Half-orc, Goblin language

Benefit: You trade your Half-Orc Resilience racial trait for hobgoblin resilience. You cannot use Half-Orc Resilience. Once per encounter, when you suffer an effect that a save can end, you can make a saving throw against the triggering effect as an immediate reaction.