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Gifts are innate abilities that certain individuals have. They are not earned or learned but basically bestowed randomly.

Alternate Names: Mutation, Creature Powers, Super Powers.


Skill : Recon
Attribute : Body
Sense : All senses
Mood : Egocentric, egotistic, individualistic
Blast: Cutting

Gifts Cantrips

Basic Action

You can make your eyes (or other significant part of your anatomy) glow, providing illumination for a scene or until you use this power again to shut the light off.

You can detect if someone else is a power-user as soon as you sense them. As you get within Mind meters, you can compare one of your own skills to that of another power user, noticing if they are stronger, within 1 point of you, or weaker than you. The result is quite obvious and instinctively understood by all onlookers. It is brusque but not rude, like two beasts evaluating each other for dominance. It can be repeated for different skills. Often used to establish a dominance chain between monsters and sometimes between other gifted. A creature can pretend to be weaker than they are to fool you with an opposed Charm check.

Gifts give specific supernatural abilities, generally consistent over time for each individual but varying greatly from person to person. These powers generally have a theme, a signature effect that ties them all together, but this theme can be almost anything. Classic psionic powers like telekinesis and telepathy exist, but just as common are other power themes such as plants, flame, or dimension-walking.

Gifts can be seen as being in opposition to the divine. Where divine power draws on higher beings, myth, and shared experiences, psychic powers are highly individual and confirm to no rules. While divine powers prosper in the presence of the faithful, psychic powers rebel against the group. Still, devotion and psyche can be combined, even if it takes effort. And it is said that the psychics of today are the prophets and gods of tomorrow.

The gifted come together because of shared interests and for material and social reasons. A mentor can provide wisdom and material comforts for study. But ultimately, each gifted must come to terms with her own power; it is not something you can learn form a book or lecture.