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Unofficial rules compendium

This is a list of feats for use in some local campaigns.

Table: Feats
Ability Focus MM 303 Choose one of the creature's special attacks. This attack becomes more potent than normal.
Acrobatic PH 89 You have excellent body awareness and coordination.
Acrobatic Strike PH2 71 Your dexterous maneuvers and skilled acrobatics allow you to slip past a foe's defenses and deliver an accurate strike against him.
Active Shield Defense PH2 71 Your expert use of your shield allows you to strike at vulnerable foes even when you forgo your own attacks in favor of defense.
Adaptable Flanker PH2 71 When you and an ally team up against a foe, you know how to maximize the threat your ally poses to ruin your target's defenses.
Additional Favored Class UA 100 You are more adept at combining different talents than most members of your race.
Advanced Spell New - Increase the number of hit dice the spell can affect.
Agile PH 89 You are particularly flexible and poised.
Agile Shield Fighter PH2 74 You are skilled in combining your shield bash attack with an armed strike. When you use your shield in unison with a weapon, your training allows you to score telling blows with both.
Alertness PH 89 You have finely tuned senses.
Animal Affinity PH 89 You are good with animals.
Animal Follower New - Gain a limited animal companion
Anvil of Thunder CW 112 You have mastered the style of fighting with hammer and axes at the same time, and have learned to deal thunderous blows with this unique pairing of weapons.
Appraise Magic Value CAd 103 Your ability to determine an item's worth and your knowledge of magic allow you to determine the exact properties of a magic item without the use of the identify spell or similar magic.
Aquatic Shot Sto 90 You have developed the technique of firing a ranged weapon into or through the water with better accuracy than normal, striking at just the right angle to allow it to slice through the obstruction with precision.
Arcane Accompaniment PH2 74 You infuse your performance with magical energy, allowing its effects to continue even as you attend to other tasks.
Arcane Consumption PH2 74 You can sacrifice your physical health to strengthen a spell. This process leaves you wracked with pain, but the enhanced energy you draw from the spell might provide the margin between victory and defeat.
Arcane Defense CAr 73 Choose a school of magic, such as illusion. You can resist spells from that school better than normal.
Arcane Disciple CD 79 Choose a deity, and then select a domain available to clerics of that deity. You can learn to cast spells associated with that domain as arcane spells.
Arcane Flourish PH2 74 You use your magical abilities to improve your performance talents.
Arcane Mastery CAr 73 You are quick and certain in your efforts to defeat the arcane defenses and spells of others.
Arcane Strike CW 96 You can channel arcane energy into your melee attacks.
Arcane Thesis PH2 74 You have studied a single spell in-depth.
Arcane Toughness PH2 75 You draw upon the power of your magic to sustain yourself, allowing you to continue fighting long after your physical body has failed you.
Armor Mastery (Heavy) New - Ignore movement penalties for heavy armor.
Armor Mastery (Medium) New - Ignore movement penalties for medium armor.
Armor Proficiency (Heavy) PH 89 You are proficient with heavy armor.
Armor Proficiency (Light) PH 89 You are proficient with light armor.
Armor Proficiency (Medium) PH 89 You are proficient with medium armor.
Armor Specialization PH2 75 Through long wear and hours of combat, you have trained your body to believe in its armor.
Armored Caster New - You can cast arcane spells in light armor.
Arterial Strike CW 96 Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that cause massive blood loss.
Ascetic Hunter CAd 105 You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of bringing the unlawful to justice.
Ascetic Knight CAd 105 You belong to a special order of religious monks that teaches its adherents that self-enlightenment and honorable service grow from the same well of purity.
Ascetic Magic CAd 105 You practice an unusual martial art that mixes self-taught spellcasting and melee attacks to great effect.
Ascetic Rogue CAd 106 You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of stealthy combat.
Athletic PH 89 You have a knack for athletic endeavors.
Augment Healing CD 79 You can increase your healing ability.
Augment Summoning PH 89 Your summoned creatures are more powerful than normal.
Awesome Blow MM 303 The creature can choose to deliver blows that send its smaller opponents flying like bowling pins.
Axiomatic Strike CW 96 You can turn your fist into an instrument of law.
Battle Caster CAr 75 Building on your existing training allows you to avoid the chance of arcane spell failure when you wear armor heavier than normal.
Battle Dancer PH2 75 You strike at your foes in time with the music you sing or in cadence with an oration you deliver.
Bear Fang CW 112 You have mastered the fierce style of fighting with axe and dagger at the same time.
Black Lore of Moil CAr 75 Your study of the sinister knowledge and spellcasting techniques of the long-dead Nightlords of Moil makes your necromancy spells especially potent.
Blind-Fight PH 89 You know how to fight in melee without being able to see your foes.
Blindsense CAd 114 You can sense creatures that you cannot see.
Blistering Spell PH2 91 Your fire spells sear the flesh from your enemies' bones, leaving them wracked with pain.
Blood-Spiked Charger PH2 92 You throw yourself into the fray, using your spiked armor and spiked shield to tear your opponents to pieces.
Boar's Ferocity CD 79 You can continue fighting even at the brink of death.
Bonded Familiar PH2 75 You enjoy a stronger than normal magical bond with your familiar, granting you access to two special abilities.
Born of the Three Thunders CAr 76 You have learned to marry the power of lightning and thunder in your electricity and sonic spells.
Bounding Assault PH2 75 You can move and attack with superior speed and power.
Brachiation CAd 106 You can swing through trees like a monkey.
Breathing Link Sto 92 You can allow a person adjacent to you to breathe water.
Brew Potion PH 89 You can create potions, which carry spells within themselves.
Brutal Strike PH2 76 You can batter foes senseless with your mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, or flail.
Brutal Throw CAd 106 You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.
Cavalry Charger CW 108 Fighting from the back of a steed is second nature to you.
Celestial Sorcerer Aura PH2 90 The power of your sorcerous heritage shines through, allowing you to infuse the area around you with a menacing aura.
Celestial Sorcerer Heritage PH2 90 Your ancestry manifests in the form of several special abilities.
Celestial Sorcerer Lance PH2 90 You can channel your arcane energy into a bolt of power that is baneful to evil creatures.
Celestial Sorcerer Lore PH2 90 The power of your ancestry grants you access to a variety of new spells.
Celestial Sorcerer Wings PH2 91 You channel your inborn magical abilities to spawn a pair of spectral, magical wings that glow with majestic power.
Chain Spell CAr 76 You can cast spells that arc to other targets in addition to your primary target.
Chant of Fortitude CAd 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music to sustain your allies, allowing them to function even after receiving wounds that would cause others to falter.
Cheetah's Speed CD 79 You can run with the speed of the cheetah.
Cleave PH 92 You can follow through with powerful blows.
Clever Wrestling CW 97 You have a better than normal chance to escape or wriggle free from a big creature's grapple or pin.
Climb Like an Ape CAd 114 You can improve your climbing ability.
Close-Quarters Fighting CW 97 You are skilled at fighting at close range and resisting grapple attempts.
Collegiate Wizard CAr 181 You have undergone extensive training in a formal school for wizards.
Combat Acrobat PH2 76 Your acrobatics and agility in combat allow you to maneuver across the battlefield with ease.
Combat Awareness PH2 86 When you maintain your combat focus, you have an uncanny ability to sense the ebb and flow of your opponents' vitality.
Combat Brute CW 110 You employ strength and leverage to great effect in battle.
Combat Casting PH 92 You are adept at casting spells in combat.
Combat Cloak Expert PH2 93 You are adept at turning your cloak into a vital part of your combat repertoire.
Combat Defense PH2 87 The state of keen focus and mental discipline you attain in combat allows you to shift the focus of yoru defense from one opponent to another with careful, precise maneuvers.
Combat Expertise PH 92 You are trained at using your combat skill for defense as well as offense.
Combat Familiar PH2 76 Your familiar is skilled in delivering attack spells against your foes.
Combat Focus PH2 87 The way of the warrior requires more than simple, brute strength.
Combat Intuition CAd 106 Your keen understanding of your opponent's moves and your instinctive feel for the flow of combat enable you to shrewdly assess your opponent's combat capabilities.
Combat Panache PH2 93 Your glowing personality and sharp performance abilities allow you to navigate the battlefield on sheer chutzpah alone.
Combat Reflexes PH 92 You can respond quickly and repeatedly to opponents who let their defenses down.
Combat Stability PH2 87 When you maintain your combat focus, you become difficult to dislodge.
Combat Strike PH2 87 Your intense, focused state allows you to see the one critical moment in a battle when you hang suspended between victory and defeat.
Combat Tactician PH2 77 You excel at approaching an opponent from an unexpected direction to deliver deadly attacks.
Combat Vigor PH2 88 When you maintain your combat focus, your clarity of purpose and relentless drive allow you to overcome your body's frailties.
Cometary Collision PH2 77 You are a thunderbolt of destruction on the battlefield.
Communicator CAr 76 You possess a magical understanding of the essence of language.
Companion Spellbond PH2 77 You form a special magical link with your animal companion, allowing you to share spells with it over a greater distance.
Consecrate Spell CD 79 You can imbue your spells with the raw energy of good.
Cooperative Spell CAr 76 You can cast spells to greater effect in conjunction with the same spell cast by another individual.
Corrupt Spell CD 79 You can transform one of your spells into an evil version of itself.
Cougar's Vision CAd 114 You can see in the dark like a cat.
Craft Construct MM 303 The creature can create golems and other magic automatons that obey its orders.
Craft Contingent Spell CAr 77 You know how to attach semipermanent spells to a creature and set them to activate under certain conditions.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor PH 92 You can create magic weapons, armor, and shields.
Craft Rod PH 92 You can create magic rods, which have varied magical effects.
Craft Staff PH 92 You can create magic staffs, each of which has multiple magical effects.
Craft Wand PH 92 You can create wands, which hold spells.
Craft Wondrous Item PH 92 You can create a wide variety of magic items.
Crescent Moon CW 113 You have mastered the style of fighting with sword and dagger.
Crossbow Sniper PH2 77 You are skilled in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your crossbow.
Crushing Strike PH2 78 You wield a bludgeoning weapon with superior power, allowing you to batter aside an opponent's defenses.
Cunning Evasion PH2 78 When an area attack detonates around you, you use the chaos and flash of energy to duck out of sight.
Curling Wave Strike Sto 92 Mimicking the forceful power of the wave, you can trip multiple foes as part of the same strike.
Dampen Spell PH2 78 From the lowliest prestidigitator to the most august hierophant, spellcasters both arcane and divine recognize the power of counterspelling.
Danger Sense CAd 106 You are one twitchy individual.
Dash CW 97 You can move faster than normal.
Daylight Adaptation PG 37 Through long exile from the shadowed homelands of your kind, you have learned to endure the painful sunlight of the surface world.
Deadeye Shot PH2 78 You carefully line up a ranged attack, timing it precisely so that you hit your opponent when his guard is down.
Death Blow CAd 106 You waste no time in dealing with downed foes.
Deceitful PH 93 You have a knack for disguising the truth.
Defensive Strike CW 97 You can turn a strong defense into a powerful offense.
Defensive Sweep PH2 78 You sweep your weapon through the area you threaten, warding away opponents and forcing them to move away or suffer a fearsome blow.
Defensive Throw CW 97 You can use your opponent's weight, strength, and momentum against her, deflecting her attack and throwing her to the ground.
Deflect Arrows PH 93 You can deflect incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other projectile or thrown weapons.
Deft Hands PH 93 You have exceptional manual dexterity.
Deft Opportunist CAd 106 You are prepared for the unexpected.
Deft Strike CAd 106 You can place attacks at weak points in your opponent's defenses.
Delay Spell CAr 77 You can cast spells that take effect after a short delay of your choosing.
Destructive Rage CW 97 You can shatter barriers and objects when enraged.
Devoted Inquisitor CAd 107 Your faithful service to your patron deity involves training and methods that many paladins consider questionable.
Devoted Performer CAd 107 You have foregone the pursuit of frivolous musical talents, instead entering religious training in service of honor and justice.
Devoted Tracker CAd 108 You have found a balance between your woodland training and your devotion to religious training, blending these two aspects into one seamless whole.
Diehard PH 93 You can remain conscious after attacks that would fell others.
Diligent PH 93 Your meticulousness allows you to analyze minute details that others miss.
Disciple of the Sun CD 80 You can destroy undead instead of merely turning them.
Disguise Spell CAd 108 You can cast spells without observers noticing.
Dive for Cover CAd 108 You can dive behind cover or drop to the ground quickly enough to avoid many area effects.
Divine Armor PH2 88 You call upon your deity to protect you in your hour of need by wreathing you in divine power that wards off your enemies' attacks.
Divine Cleansing CW 106 You can channel energy to improve your allies' ability to resist attacks against their vitality and health.
Divine Fortune PH2 88 With a quick prayer, you channel divine energy to help resist a spell, poison, or other deadly effect.
Divine Justice PH2 88 You can channel divine energy to turn your foe's strength against him, striking him with the same force that he used against you.
Divine Metamagic CD 80 You can channel energy into some of your divine spells to make them more powerful.
Divine Might CW 106 You can channel energy to increase the damage you deal in combat.
Divine Resistance CW 106 You can channel energy to temporarily reduce damage you and your allies take from some sources.
Divine Shield CW 106 You can channel energy to make your shield more effective for either offense or defense.
Divine Spell Power CD 80 You can channel positive or negative energy to enhance your divine spellcasting ability.
Divine Vigor CW 108 You can channel energy to increase your speed and durability.
Divine Ward PH2 88 You create a channel of divine energy between yourself and a willing ally.
Dodge New - You are adept at dodging blows.
Domain Focus CD 80 You have mastered the subtle intricacies of the divine power you've devoted yourself to.
Domain Spontaneity CD 80 You are so familiar with one of your domains that you can convert other prepared spells into spells from that domain.
Double Wand Wielder CAr 77 You can activate two wands at the same time.
Draconic Breath CAr 77 You can convert your arcane spells into a breath weapon.
Draconic Claw CAr 77 You develop the natural weapons of your draconic ancestors.
Draconic Flight CAr 77 The secret of draconic flight is revealed to you, granting you the ability to fly occasionally.
Draconic Heritage CAr 77 You have greater connection with your distant draconic bloodline.
Draconic Legacy CAr 78 You have realized greater arcane power through your draconic heritage.
Draconic Power CAr 78 You have greater power manipulating the energies of your heritage.
Draconic Presence CAr 78 When you use your magic, your mere presence can terrify those around you.
Draconic Resistance CAr 78 Your bloodline hardens your body against the energy type of your progenitor.
Draconic Skin CAr 78 Your skin takes on the sheen, luster, and hardness of your draconic parentage.
Driving Attack PH2 78 When you strike an opponent with a piercing weapon, the brutal impact of your strike sends him sprawling.
Dual Strike CAd 108 You are an expert skirmisher skilled at fighting with two weapons.
Eagle Claw Attack CW 97 Your superior insight allows you to strike objects with impressive force.
Eagle's Wings CD 80 You can take wing and fly with the grace of an eagle.
Earthbound Spell PH2 91 You bind a spell into the rock and soil, leaving it there until an opponent stumbles across it.
Earth's Embrace CW 97 You can crush opponents when you grapple them.
Education PG 38 In your youth you received the benefit of several years of more or less formal schooling.
Einhander PH2 94 You excel at wielding a one-handed weapon while carrying nothing in your off hand.
Elemental Healing CD 80 You can channel elemental energy to heal creatures of a specific elemental subtype.
Elemental Smiting CD 81 You can channel elemental energy to deal extra damage to creatures tied to a specific element.
Elephant's Hide CD 81 You can thicken your skin to the toughness of an elephant's.
Elusive Target CW 110 Trying to land a blow against you can be a maddening experience.
Elven Spell Lore PH2 78 You have studied the mighty arcane traditions of the elven, granting you insight into the intricate workings of magic and the theoretical structures behind spells.
Empower Spell PH 93 You can cast spells to greater effect.
Empower Spell-Like Ability MM 303 The creature can use a spell-like ability with greater effect than normal.
Empower Turning CD 81 You can turn or rebuke more undead with a single turning attempt.
Endurance PH 93 You are capable of amazing feats of stamina.
Energy Admixture CAr 78 You can modify a spell that uses one type of energy to add an equal amount of another energy type.
Energy Substitution CAr 79 You can modify an energy-based spell to use another type of energy instead.
Enlarge Spell PH 94 You can cast spells farther than normal.
Eschew Materials PH 94 You can cast spells without relying on material components.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency PH 94 Choose a type of exotic weapon. You understand how to use that type of exotic weapon in combat.
Expert Swimmer Sto 92 You swim like a fish. You can stay underwater far longer than others of your race, and you are at home in the water.
Expert Tactician CAd 109 Your tactical skills work to your advantage.
Explosive Spell CAr 79 You can cast spells that blast creatures off their feet.
Extend Rage CW 97 You are able to maintain your rage longer than most.
Extend Spell New - You can cast spells that last longer than normal.
Extra Edge CAr 79 Your ability to deal spell damage is particularly striking.
Extra Invocation CAr 79 You learn an additional invocation.
Extra Music CAd 109 You can use your bardic music more often than you otherwise could.
Extra Rage CW 98 You may rage more frequently than normal.
Extra Slot CAr 79 You can cast an additional spell.
Extra Smiting CW 98 You can make more smite attacks.
Extra Spell CAr 79 You learn an additional spell.
Extra Spell Secret CAr 80 You learn an additional spell secret.
Extra Stunning CW 98 You gain extra stunning attacks.
Extra Turning PH 94 You can turn or rebuke creatures more often than normal.
Extra Wild Shape CD 81 You can use wild shape more frequently than you normally could.
Extraordinary Concentration CAd 109 Your mind is so focused that you can cast spells even while concentrating on another spell.
Extraordinary Spell Aim CAd 109 You can shape a spell's area to exclude one creature from its effects.
Eyes in the Back of Your Head CW 98 Your superior battle sense helps minimize the threat of flanking.
Fade into Violence PH2 79 While the chaos of battle swirls around you, you rely on your ability to slip into the background to avoid your enemy's notice.
Far Shot New - You can get greater distance out of a ranged weapon.
Fast Wild Shape CD 81 You assume your wild shape faster and more easily than you otherwise could.
Faster Healing CW 98 You recover faster than normal.
Favored Power Attack CW 98 You are able to deal more damage against your favored enemies.
Fiery Fist PH2 79 By channeling your kienergy, you sheathe your limbs in magical fire.
Fiery Ki Defense PH2 79 You channel your kienergy into a cloak of flame that injures any who attempt to strike you.
Fists of Iron CW 99 You have learned the secrets of imbuing your unarmed attacks with extra force.
Flash Frost Spell PH2 91 Your spells that use cold and ice to damage your foes leave behind a thin layer of slippery frost.
Flay PH2 79 When fighting unarmored opponents, you excel at twisting your weapon just before impact.
Fleet of Foot CW 99 You run nimbly, able to turn corners without losing momentum.
Flick of the Wrist CW 99 With a single motion, you can draw a light weapon and make a devastating attack.
Flyby Attack MM 303 The creature can attack on the wing.
Flyby Attack MM2 18 The creature can attack on the wing.
Flying Fish Leap Sto 92 You can hurl yourself out of the water with ease.
Flying Kick CW 99 You literally leap into battle, dealing devastating damage.
Force of Personality CAd 109 You have cultivated an unshakable belief in your self-worth.
Forge Ring PH 94 You can create magic rings, which have varied magical effects.
Formation Expert CW 110 You are trained at fighting in ranks and files.
Fortify Spell CAr 80 You cast spells that more easily penetrate spell resistance.
Freezing the Lifeblood CW 99 You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack.
Furious Charge PG 39 You know how to make the most of a charge.
Giantbane CW 111 You are trained in fighting foes larger than you are.
Glorious Weapons CD 82 You can channel positive or negative energy to imbue your allies' weapons with an alignment.
Goad CAd 109 You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you.
Great Captain Sto 92 You are a master pilot and battle leader; your crew anticipates your every command and leaps to do your bidding.
Great Cleave PH 94 You can wield a melee weapon with such power that you can strike multiple times when you fell your foes.
Great Fortitude PH 94 You are tougher than normal.
Greater Kiai Shout CW 99 You kiai shout can panic your opponents.
Greater Resiliency CW 99 Your extraordinary resilience to damage increases.
Greater Spell Focus PH 94 Choose a school of magic to which you already have applied the Spell Focus feat. Your spells of that school are even more potent than normal.
Greater Spell Penetration PH 94 Your spells are remarkably potent, breaking through spell resistance more readily than normal.
Greater Two-Weapon Defense CW 100 When fighting with two weapons, your defenses are extraordinarily strong.
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting PH 95 You are a master at fighting two-handed.
Greater Weapon Focus PH 95 Choose one type of weapon for which you have already selected Weapon Focus. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposes of this feat. You are especially good at using this weapon.
Greater Weapon Specialization PH 95 Choose one type of weapon for which you have already selected Weapon Specialization You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposes of this feat. You deal extra damage when using this weapon.
Green Ear CAd 110 Your bardic music can affect plant creatures.
Grenadier PH2 79 You are skilled in using grenadelike weapons.
Grizzly's Claws CD 82 You can grow claws as sharp as those of a bear.
Guardian Spirit CAr 80 Your watchful spirit is more capable than normal.
Hammer's Edge CW 113 You are a master of the style of fighting with a hammer and sword at the same time.
Hamstring CW 100 You can wound your opponents' legs, hampering their movement.
Hawk's Vision CAd 114 You can improve your visual acuity.
Hear the Unseen CAd 110 Your sense of hearing is so acute that you can partially pinpoint an opponent's location by sound, allowing you to strike even if the opponent is concealed or displaced.
Heighten Spell PH 95 You can cast a spell as if it were a higher-level spell than it actually is.
Heighten Spell-Like Ability CAr 80 You can use a spell-like ability as if it were a higher spell-level equivalent than it actually is.
High Sword Low Axe CW 113 You have mastered the style of fighting with a sword and axe at the same time.
Hindering Opportunist PH2 79 When you have a chance to strike a distracted foe, you instead use that opportunity to aid or protect an ally against him.
Hold the Line CW 100 You are trained in defensive techniques against charging opponents.
Hot Spell New - Improve the damage cap on your spell.
Hover MM 304 The creature can come to a halt in midair.
Hover MM2 18 The creature can halt its forward motion while flying, regardless of maneuverability.
Imbued Summoning PH2 92 Your summoning spells gain an element of surprise.
Improve Bull Rush PH 95 You know how to push opponents back.
Improved Buckler Defense CW 100 You can attack with an off-hand weapon while retaining a buckler's shield bonus to your Armor Class.
Improved Combat Expertise CW 100 You have mastered the art of defense in combat.
Improved Counterspell PH 95 You understand the nuances of magic to such an extent that you can counter your opponent's spells with great efficiency.
Improved Critical PH 95 Choose one type of weapon. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.
Improved Disarm PH 95 You know how to disarm opponents in melee combat.
Improved Diversion CAd 110 You can create a diversion to hide quickly and with less effort.
Improved Familiar CW 100 This feat allows spellcasters to acquire a new familiar from a nonstandard list, but only when they could normally acquire a new familiar.
Improved Favored Enemy CW 101 You know how to hit your favored enemies where it hurts.
Improved Feint PH 95 You are skilled at misdirecting your opponent's attention in combat.
Improved Flight CAd 110 You gain greater maneuverability when flying than you would normally have.
Improved Grapple PH 95 You are skilled at grappling opponents.
Improved Initiative PH 96 You can react more quickly than normal in a fight.
Improved Mounted Archery CW 101 You can make ranged attacks from a mount almost as well as you can from the ground.
Improved Natural Armor MM 304 The creature's natural armor is thicker and harder than that of other of its kind.
Improved Overrun PH 96 You are skilled at knocking down opponents.
Improved Precise Shot PH 96 Your ranged attacks can ignore the effects of cover or concealment.
Improved Rapid Shot CW 101 You are an expert at firing weapons with exceptional speed.
Improved Shield Bash PH 96 You can bash with a shield while retaining its shield bonus to your Armor Class.
Improved Smiting CD 82 Your smite attacks deal more damage to specific foes, and can damage creature with alignment-based damage reduction.
Improved Sunder PH 96 You are skilled at attacking your opponents' weapons and shields, as well as other objects.
Improved Swimming CAd 110 You can swim faster than you normally could.
Improved Toughness CW 101 You are significantly tougher than normal.
Improved Trip PH 96 You are trained not only in tripping opponents safely but also following through with an attack.
Improved Turning PH 96 Your turning or rebuking attempts are more powerful than normal.
Improved Two-Weapon Defense CW 101 You gain a significant defensive advantage while fighting with two weapons.
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting PH 96 You are an expert in fighting two-handed.
Improved Unarmed Strike PH 96 You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.
Improved Weapon Familiarity CW 101 You are familiar with all exotic weapons common to your people.
Indomitable Soul PH2 80 Your physical toughness translates into greater mental resiliency.
Infernal Sorcerer Eyes PH2 91 Your eyes glow with infernal fire, allowing you to see through magical darkness.
Infernal Sorcerer Heritage PH2 91 Your innate magic derives from infernal ancestors.
Infernal Sorcerer Howl PH2 91 You channel the fury of your infernal ancesters into a thunderous roar that blasts your enemies with sonic power.
Infernal Sorcerer Resistance PH2 91 You are as tough and resilient as an infernal monstrosity, allowing you to shrug off acid and cold damage.
Innate Spell CAr 80 You have mastered a spell so thoroughly that you can now use it as a spell-like ability.
Insightful CAr 80 You possess a magical understanding of the workings of arcane detection.
Insightful Reflexes CAd 110 Your keen intellect allows you an uncanny knack for evading dangerous effects.
Instantaneous Rage CW 102 You activate your rage instantly.
Intimidating Rage CW 102 Your rage engenders fear in your opponents.
Intimidating Strike PH2 79 You make a display of your combat prowess designed to strike terror in your foe.
Investigator PH 96 You have a knack for finding information.
Iron Will PH 97 You have a stronger will than normal.
Ironskin Chant CAd 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music to enable yourself to ignore minor injuries.
Jack of All Trades CAd 110 You have picked up a smattering of even the most obscure skills.
Karmic Strike CW 102 You have learned to strike when your opponent is more vulnerable -- the same instant your opponent strikes you.
Keen-Eared Scout PH2 80 Your sharp sense of hearing allows you to determine much more about your surroundings.
Kiai Shout CW 102 You can bellow forth a shout that strikes terror into your enemies.
Ki Blast PH2 80 You focus your ki into a ball of energy that you can hurl at an opponent.
Knifefighter PG 40 You’re an expert at using weapons in grapple.
Landwalker Sto 92 You can survive out of water for a longer period of time than most of your kind.
Leadership PH 97 You are the sort of person others want to follow, and you have done some work attempting to recruit cohorts and followers.
Leap Attack CAd 110 You can combine a powerful charge and a mighty leap into one devastating attack.
Leap of the Heavens PH2 80 Your excellent athletic ability and superior conditioning allow you to make near-superhuman leaps.
Lightning Mace CW 113 You are a master of fighting with two maces at the same time.
Lightning Reflexes PH 97 You have faster than normal reflexes.
Lingering Song CAd 111 Your inspirational bardic music stays with the listeners long after the last note has died away.
Lion's Pounce CD 82 You can deliver a terrible attack at the end of a charge.
Lord of the Uttercold CAr 80 Through careful study of the Elemental Planes and their interactions with the Negative Energy Plane, you have learned to wield the uttercold.
Lunging Strike PH2 80 You make a single attack against a foe who stands just beyond your reach.
Lurking Familiar PH2 80 Your familiar hides within the folds of your robe or takes cover behind you as your opponents close in.
Lyric Spell CAd 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music into your magic, allowing you to expend uses of your bardic music ability to cast spells.
Mad Alchemist PH2 94 You are an expert at using alchemical items.
Mad Foam Rager PH2 80 You fight with the rage that only a rabid badger or a beer-addled dwarf can bring to bear.
Mage Slayer CAr 81 You have studied the ways and weaknesses of spellcasters and can time your attacks and defenses against them expertly.
Magic in the Blood PG 40 You have a knack for getting the most out of your innate magical abilities. You can use them more often than others of your race can.
Magical Aptitude PH 97 You have a knack for magical endeavors.
Magical Pet New - Gain a limited familiar.
Manyshot PH 97 You can fire multiple arrows simultaneously against a nearby target.
Martial Weapon Proficiency PH 97 Choose a type of martial weapon. You understand how to use that type of martial weapon in combat.
Master Manipulator PH2 80 Your words are your weapons.
Maximize Spell PH 97 You can cast spells to maximum effect.
Maximize Spell-Like Ability CAr 81 You can use a spell-like ability at its maximum effect.
Melee Evasion PH2 81 Your speed, agility, and talent for intelligent fighting allow you to avoid your opponent's blows.
Melee Weapon Mastery PH2 81 You have mastered a wide range of weapons.
Mobile Spell-Casting CAd 111 Your focused concentration allows you to move while casting a spell.
Mobility PH 98 You are skilled at dodging past opponents and avoiding blows.
Monkey Grip CW 103 You are able to use a larger weapon than other people your size.
Mounted Archery PH 98 You are skilled at using ranged weapons while mounted.
Mounted Combat PH 98 You are skilled in mounted combat.
Multiattack MM 304 The creature is adept at using all its natural weapons at once.
Multiweapon Fighting MM 304 A creature with three or more hands can fight with a weapon in each hand.
Natural Spell PH 98 You can cast spells while in a wild shape.
Necropolis Born CAr 81 You possess a magical understanding of the essence of mortal dread.
Negotiator PH 98 You are good at gauging and swaying attitudes.
Net and Trident CW 114 You are a master of fighting with the net and the trident.
New Class Skill New - One skill becomes class skill.
New Spell New - Learn any spell.
Night Haunt CAr 81 You possess a magical understanding of the workings of the unseen.
Nimble Fingers PH 98 You are adept at manipulating small, delicate objects.
Nonlethal Substitution CAr 81 You can modify an energy spell to deal nonlethal damage.
Oaken Resilience CD 82 You can take on the sturdiness of the mighty oak.
Obscure Lore CAd 111 You are a treasure trove of little-known information.
Obtain Familiar CAr 81 You gain a familiar.
Old Salt Sto 93 You are an old hand at shipboard life, having mastered the myriad skills that are required of the experience sailor. Additionally, you have an eye for the weather.
Open Minded CAd 111 You are naturally able to reroute your memory and skill expertise.
Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting CAd 111 You are adept at wielding larger than normal weapons in your off hand.
Overwhelming Assault PH2 81 If you attack a foe who does nothing to turn aside your attack, you press forward with an indomitable strike.
Pain Touch CW 103 You cause intense pain in an opponent with a successful stunning attack.
Penetrating Shot PH2 81 You send a powerful shot cleaving through your enemies.
Persistent Spell CAr 81 You can make a spell last all day.
Persuasive PH 98 You have a way with words and body language.
Phalanx Fighting CW 103 You are trained in fighting in close formation with your allies.
Pierce Magical Concealment CAr 81 You ignore the miss chance provided by certain magical effects.
Pierce Magical Protection CAr 82 You can overcome the magical protections of your enemies.
Pin Shield CW 103 You know how to get inside your opponent's guard by pinning his shield out of the way.
Point Blank Shot PH 98 You are skilled at making well-placed shots with ranged weapons at close range.
Power Attack PH 98 You can make exceptionally powerful melee attacks.
Power Critical CW 103 Choose one weapon, such as a longsword or a greataxe. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.
Power Throw CAd 111 You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.
Precise Shot PH 98 You are skilled at timing and aiming ranged attacks.
Profane Aura PH2 89 You call upon the dark powers you worship to fill the area around you with a dreadful mist that obscures sight.
Profane Boost CD 84 You can channel negative energy to increase the power of inflict wounds spells cast near you.
Prone Attack CW 103 You can attack from a prone position without penalty.
Quick Draw PH 98 You can draw weapons with startling speed.
Quick Reconnoiter CAd 112 You can learn a lot of information from just a quick scan of an area or object.
Quick Staff CW 114 You have mastered the style of fighting with a quarterstaff.
Quicken Spell PH 98 You can cast a spell with a moment's thought.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability MM 304 The creature can employ a spell-like ability with a moment's thought.
Quicken Turning CD 84 You can turn or rebuke undead with a moment's thought.
Ranged Disarm CW 103 You can disarm a foe from a distance.
Ranged Pin CW 104 You can perform a ranged grapple attempt against an opponent not adjacent to you.
Ranged Spell Specialization CAr 82 You deal more damage with ranged touch attack spells.
Ranged Sunder CW 104 You can attack an opponent's weapon from a distance.
Ranged Weapon Mastery PH2 82 You have mastered a wide range of weapons.
Rapid Blitz PH2 82 You charge across the battlefield, combining your speed and fighting ability to move and attack with unmatched skill.
Rapid Reload PH 99 Choose a type of crossbow. You can reload a crossbow of that type more quickly than normal.
Rapid Shot PH 99 You can use ranged weapons with exceptional speed.
Rapid Spell CD 84 You can cast spells with long casting times more quickly.
Rapid Strike New - You can strike multiple times with light weapons.
Rapid Stunning CW 104 You can use your stunning attacks in rapid succession.
Rapid Swimming Sto 93 You are one with the water.
Raptor School CW 111 You know martial arts techniques inspired by hunting birds.
Razing Strike CAd 112 You have mastered the art of delivering precise strikes against nonliving creatures while channeling spell energy through your melee attacks.
Reach Spell CD 84 You can cast touch spells without touching the spell recipient.
Reactive Counterspell PG 42 You can react quickly to counter spells cast by opponents.
Reckless Wand Wielder CAr 82 You can increase the effectiveness of spells cast from a wand.
Repeat Spell CAr 82 You can cast a spell that repeats on the following round.
Ride-By Attack PH 99 You are skilled at making fast attacks from your mount.
Riposte New - You can counterattack when you are missed in melee when on the defensive.
Ritual Blessing PH2 86 You call upon the powers of goodness and light to bless your allies.
Ritual Blood Bonds PH2 86 You invest your allies with the mighty power of your toten, god, or similar divine entity.
Robilar's Gambit PH2 82 By offering Robilar's Gambit, you absorb damage to place yourself in an advantageous position.
Roundabout Kick CW 105 You can follow up on a particularly powerful unarmed attack with a mighty kick, spinning in a complete circle before landing the kick.
Run PH 99 You are fleet of foot.
Sacred Boost CD 84 You can channel positive energy to increase the power of cure wounds spells cast near you.
Sacred Healing CD 84 You can channel positive energy to grant nearby living creatures the ability to recover form their wounds quickly.
Sacred Purification PH2 89 You serve as a conduit of divine energy, filling the area around you with power that aids the living and saps the undead.
Sacred Radiance PH2 89 You channel divine energy to fill the area around you with a soothing, gentle radiance.
Sacred Vengeance CW 108 You can channel energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee.
Sahuagin Flip Sto 93 You can safely attack and withdraw underwater.
Sailor's Balance Sto 93 You are experienced with the rolling decks of the ship and maintain strong footing, even in a terrible storm.
Sanctify Relic CD 84 You can create magic items that are imbued with a connection to your deity.
Sanctum Spell CAr 82 Your spells are especially potent on home ground.
Savage Grapple CAd 114 While transformed into the shape of a wild animal, you can savagely tear at any creature that you manage to grapple.
Scent CAd 114 You can sharpen your sense of smell.
Scourge of the Seas Sto 93 You have a sinister reputation as a pirate and can intimidate enemy captains by your mere presence.
Scribe Scroll PH 99 You can create scrolls, from which you or another spellcaster can cast the scribed spells.
Sculpt Spell CAr 83 You can alter the area of your spells.
Sea Legs Sto 93 You are accustomed to the rolling motion on board a ship, and can use this motion to your advantage.
Self-Sufficient PH 100 You can take care of yourself in harsh environments and situations.
Serpent's Venom CD 84 You can deliver a toxic bite attack reminiscent of the viper.
Shadow Striker PH2 94 You melt into the shadows, hiding from your enemies until the time is right.
Sharp-Shooting CW 105 Your skill with ranged weapons lets you score hits others would miss due to an opponent's cover.
Shield Charge CW 105 You deal extra damage if you use your shield as a weapon when charging.
Shield Proficiency PH 100 You are proficient with bucklers, small shields, and large shields.
Shield Slam CW 105 You can use your shield to daze your opponent.
Shield Sling PH2 82 You can hurl your shield as a deadly missile, turning it from a defensive item to a crushing, thrown weapon.
Shield Specialization PH2 82 You are skilled in using a shield, allowing you to gain greater defensive benefits from it.
Shield Ward PH2 82 You use your shield like a wall of steel and wood.
Ship's Mage Sto 93 You form a potent supernatural bond with a ship. Your spells have a more potent effect when cast aboard this ship.
Shock Trooper CW 112 You are adept at breaking up formations of soldiers when you rush into battle.
Short Haft PH2 82 You have trained in polearm fighting alongside your comrades in arms, sometimes reaching past them while they shield you, and sometimes shielding them while they attack from behind you.
Shot on the Run PH 100 You are highly trained in skirmish ranged weapons tactics.
Silent Spell PH 100 You can cast spells silently.
Simple Weapon Proficiency PH 100 You understand how to use all types of simple weapons in combat.
Skill Focus PH 100 Choose a skill. You have a special knack with that skill.
Slashing Flurry PH2 82 You swing your weapon with uncanny speed, slicing apart a foe in the blink of an eye.
Smiting Spell PH2 92 You can channel the energy of a touch spell into a weapon, causing the spell to discharge when you strike an opponent.
Snatch MM2 18 The creature can grapple more easily with its claws or bite.
Snatch Arrows PH 100 You are adept at grabbing incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other projectile or thrown weapons.
Soul of the North CAr 83 You possess a magical understanding of the nature of cold.
Spectral Skirmisher PH2 83 You have trained extensively in the use of magic that renders you invisible.
Spell Focus CD 84 Your spells with an alignment descriptor are more potent than normal.
Spell Focus PH 100 Choose a school of magic. Your spells of that school are more potent than normal.
Spell Hand CAr 83 You possess a magical understanding of the manipulation of force.
Spell Mastery PH 100 You are so intimately familiar with certain spells that you don't need a spellbook to prepare them anymore.
Spell Penetration PH 100 Your spells are especially potent, breaking through spell resistance more readily than normal.
Spell Thematics Mag 22 Your spells have a distinct visual or auditory effect in their manifestation. (This is different from the version in the PG.)
Spell-Linked Familiar PH2 83 You and your familiar can share spell energy, allowing your familir to cast a limited number of spells each day.
Spinning Halberd CW 114 You have mastered the style of fighting with a halberd.
Spirited Charge PH 100 You are trained at making a devastating mounted charge.
Split Ray CAr 83 Your ray spells can affect an additional target.
Spontaneous Healer CD 84 You can use your spellcasting ability to spontaneously cast cure spells.
Spontaneous Summoner CD 85 You can spontaneously cast summon nature's ally spells.
Spontaneous Wounder CD 85 You can use your spellcasting ability to spontaneously cast inflict spells.
Spring Attack PH 100 You are trained in fast melee attacks and fancy footwork.
Staggering Strike CAd 112 You can deliver a wound that hampers an opponent's movement.
Stalwart Defense PH2 83 You excel at aiding your allies in battle. When an opponent attempts to strike one of them, you make a quick, distracting motion to ruin the foe's efforts.
Static Spell New - Cast spell as a move action.
Steadfast Determination PH2 83 Your physical durability allows you to shrug off attacks that would cripple a lesser person.
Stealthy PH 101 You are particularly good at avoiding notice.
Steam Magic Sto 93 You are skilled at casting fiery spells into the water, causing terrible gouts of scalding steam.
Still Spell PH 101 You can cast spells without gestures.
Storm Magic Sto 94 You gain a boost in spellcasting power during storms.
Stunning Fist PH 101 You know how to strike opponents in vulnerable areas.
Subsonics CAd 112 Your music can affect even those who do not consciously hear it.
Sudden Empower CAr 83 You can cast a spell to greater effect without special preparation.
Sudden Extend CAr 83 You can make a spell last longer than normal without special preparation.
Sudden Maximize CAr 83 You can cast a spell to maximum effect without special preparation.
Sudden Quicken CAr 83 You can cast a spell with a moment's thought without special preparation.
Sudden Silent CAr 83 You can cast a spell silently without special preparation.
Sudden Still CAr 83 You can cast a spell without gestures or special preparation.
Sudden Widen CAr 83 You can increase a spell's area without special preparation.
Sun School CW 112 You have learned a number of esoteric martial arts techniques inspired by the sun.
Sunken Song Sto 94 You can project your voice underwater.
Swarmfighting CW 105 You and allies with this feat can coordinate melee attacks against a single target and are adept at fighting side by side in close quarters.
Swim Like a Fish CD 85 You can breathe and swim underwater with grace.
Swim-By Attack Sto 94 You can attack in the middle of a fast pass by your opponent.
Tactile Trapsmith CAd 112 You can rely on your rapid reflexes and nimble fingers instead of your intellect when searching a room or when disabling a trap.
Telling Blow PH2 83 When you strike an opponent's vital areas, you draw on your ability to land crippling blows to make the most of your attack.
Three Mountains CW 114 You are a master of fighting with powerful bludgeoning weapons.
Throw Anything CW 105 In your hands, any weapon becomes a deadly ranged weapon.
Toothed Blow Sto 94 You are able to hammer your foes more effectively underwater.
Touch Spell Specialization CAr 83 You deal extra damage with touch spells.
Toughness PH 101 You are tougher than normal.
Tower Shield Proficiency PH 101 You are proficient with tower shields.
Track PH 101 You can follow the trails of creatures and characters across most types of terrain.
Trample PH 101 You are trained in using your mount to knock down opponents.
Transdimensional Spell CAr 84 You can cast spells that affect targets lurking in coexistent planes and extradimensional spaces whose entrances fall within the spell's area.
Trophy Collector PH2 83 A belt of minotaur fur, a hood of cloaker wing-skin, and an amulet fashioned from a petrified dragon's eye -- these are the intimidating symbols of your trade.
True Believer CD 86 Your deity rewards your unquestioning faith and dedication.
Tumbling Feint PH2 84 When you move near an opponent, your acrobatic maneuvers leave him confused and unable to properly defend himself.
Twin Spell CAr 84 You can simultaneously cast a single spell twice.
Two-Weapon Defense PH 102 Your two-weapon fighting style bolsters your defense as well as your offense.
Two-Weapon Fighting PH 102 You can fight with a weapon in each hand. You can make one extra attack each round with the second weapon.
Two-Weapon Pounce PH2 84 When you charge an opponent while wielding two weapons, you can make two quick attacks.
Two-Weapon Rend PH2 84 You wield two weapons with an artisan's precision.
Urban Tracking UA 56 You can track down the location of missing persons or individuals within communities.
Vatic Gaze PH2 85 Your arcane studies have brought forth your nascent talent to sense magical auras and the power that others are capable of wielding.
Versatile Performer CAd 112 You are skilled at many kinds of performances.
Versatile Unarmed Strike PH2 85 You employ a variety of unarmed fighting styles, allowing you to alter the type of damage your attacks deal.
Vexing Flanker PH2 85 You excel at picking apart an opponent's defenses when your allies also threaten them.
Wanderer's Diplomacy PH2 85 Many halflings journey far and wide across the world, spending no more than a few months in one place.
Wandstrike CAr 84 You can channel the magical energy of a wand through your melee attacks.
Water Adaptation Sto 94 You favor your aquatic elf parent and have developed the ability to breathe and move about in water easily.
Water Splitting Stone PH2 85 You channel your kienergy to splinter the defenses of creatures whose tough hides or magical natures normally allow them to shrug off your blows.
Weakening Touch CW 106 You can temporarily weaken an opponent with your unarmed strike.
Weapon Finesse PH 102 You are especially skilled at using weapons that can benefit as much from Dexterity as from Strength.
Weapon Focus PH 102 Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as a weapon for purposes of this feat. You are especially good with this weapon.
Weapon Kata New - One weapon becomes a monk weapon for you.
Weapon Specialization PH 102 Choose one type of weapon for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposes of this feat. You deal extra damage when using this weapon.
Weapon Supremacy PH2 85 You are a grandmaster in the use of your chosen weapon.
Whirlwind Attack PH 102 You can strike nearby opponents in an amazing, spinning attack
Widen Spell PH 102 You can increase the area of your spells.
Wingover MM 304 The creature can change direction quickly while flying.
Wingsinger Sto 94 You can use song or a wind instrument to compel the winds to obey you.
Wolverine's Rage CD 86 You can fly into a berserk rage when injured.
Zen Archery CW 106 Your intuition guides your hand when you use a ranged weapon.

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